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well one thing that you could do is to try and be as friendly as possible. You could also try and be as quick as possible w/o making any mistakes. Also if someone is having a problem and you can tell try and see if you can help. It is nice when you can have a nice conversation with someone. Even if you may never see them again. Tipped income is also highly dependent on the establishment where you work. A busy pub for yuppies in an urban area may generate 4x the tips of a rowdy bar in a poorer neighborhood. Look for a bar or club with an upscale clientele (and usually a younger clientele.) The extremely wealthy are notoriously poor tippers. I've worked in food and beverage for a long time. I have many years of bartending under my belt. I consider myself a damned good bartender. I'm not the guy who knows sports inside out, and I don't always have a "rap" or a good line of BS to offer, but.... I'm friendly, I'm fast, I'm accurate, I keep the bar immaculate, I keep ashtrays clean, I keep the bar stocked so my customers won't have to wait for their drink while I run to the stockroom because I ran out of something. I try to remember my "regular's" drinks and ask if that's what they would like today. I'll buss tables if the need arises, or sweep up a broken glass out on the floor. If you go the extra mile, your cusomers WILL notice and respond in kind. Think about how bartenders that you know or that you encounter, affect and impress you. Think about why you tip generously...or NOT! It will become clear.

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Q: How do you make good tips while tending bar?
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