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Gov. Bill Rex

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Q: How do you make governor bill Rex abbreviation?
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What is the abbreviation of governor bill rex?

Gov. Bill Rex

What is the abbreviation of gov bill rex?

Governor Bill (William) Rex

What abbreviation do scientists use when referring to Tyrannosaurus rex?

T. rex

What abbreviation do scientist sometimes use when referring to tyrannosaurus rex?

T-Rex or T-rex

What is the scienctific name for the T-Rex?

Oddly enough, the name T-rex is its own scientific name. It's the abbreviation of the binomial name Tyrannosaurus rex and translates to "Tyrant lizard king" from latin.Interesting fact: as it is the abbreviation of a scientific name, it should be written as "T. rex", not "T-Rex" or "T Rex."

What does rex mean in T-rex?

The correct abbreviation is T.rex (not T-Rex, T.Rex).T.rex stands for Tyrannosaurus rex; rex is the Latin word for "king".

What is the industry standard abbreviation for Ethernet?

Every T-Rex has emotional reproductive nature erecting the cable your welcome :)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Governor Maker - 1915?

The cast of The Governor Maker - 1915 includes: Sherman Bainbridge William Clifford Rex De Rosselli Doris Pawn Marie Weirman

What does GRI mean on a 1943 British Sixpence?

GRI (not "GRJ") on the reverse of the 1937 to 1946 British Sixpence is an abbreviation for George Rex Imperator.

How do you get capitain rex the moshling?

there is no such thing of captain rex they mite make it in the future but theres no such thing

Can you make a victorious rex doll?

yes you can

Can you make a t rex in zoo tycoon2 extinked animols?

Yes, you can make a t rex and also if you press ctrl+shift+q you will get 1,000,000