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There is a product that is called Shimmering lights that you can use for gray hair. They make this product in both the shampoo and conditioner. It brightens white and gray hair and neutralizes yellow tones in the hair while it conditions your hair. It is a great product and are made just for gray and faded highlighted hair.

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Why does the sun make your hair shine?

The sun makes your hair shine because it's so bright and your hair is kind of not bright so it makes it shiny.

How do you make our hair strong and shine?

my hair is the Nice's in the world NO BODY CAN HAVE IT LIKE THIS!

Could hair gel make tires shine?

It is possible to use hair gel to make tires shine. You can also use boot polish to get the same effect.

Do chemicals turn your hair gray?

Yes, the chemicals can make your hair turn gray faster than usual.

When was Shine - David Gray song - created?

Shine - David Gray song - was created in 1993.

My mother's hair is almost completely gray and it is very dry. What is the best shampoo for dry hair that she could use to add shine and bounce?

Depending on what kinds of stores you currently shop at, I do recommend the TREsemme line because they don't dry your hair out further. As far as shine, I also recommend using a leave- in conditioner from the Bed Head line because it will add shine and make it easier to manage in terms of brushing and drying.

Does applying colour to gray hairs increases gray hair?

No. However, it may make you more aware of the process of gray hair occurrence -- a psycholoigcal effect.

Does Victoria Justice have a tattoo?

No she does not in the make it shine video it is just her hair.

What do you use on silky terrier dog hair to make it shine?

To make a silky terrier's hair shine, just use Puppy Shampoo. It doesn't matter what brand because they all do the same job.

Can a visit to a different country make hair go gray?

Going to a different country will not necessarily make your hair turn gray. How early someone may get gray hair is determined by our genes. Most people get gray hairs around the same age their grandparents got gray hairs. In addition, stress can damage the melanin, which gives the growing shaft of hair it's color.

How do you make your hair soft and shiney?

You can get serum and shine spray or even hair masks they do the trick or leave in conditioner.

What is dull hair?

hair with no shine and no volume

Do Ionic dryers make hair stronger?

Ionci dryers are said to make hair stronger because it actually actuvates the protiens in your hair as well as adding moisture and shine.

Why does people hair turn gray when they get old?

When people get old their hair turns gray and I know how... Their hair cells die and their hair turns gray. :)

How do you make grey hair shine?

USe asda home brand shampoo or tescos

How does regular brushing benefit your hair?

Brushing your hair will stimulate your scalp and help your hair grow . Also it helps your natural oils to polish and make your hair shine.

Will Fudge shampoo make my hair shine?

Fudge Colour Lock Shampoo locks in color pigments and maximizes shine with superior conditioning ingredients.

Do native Americans have gray hair?

Yes we do, I have gray and black hair

What happens when you pluck a gray hair?

Nothing happens when you pluck a gray hair

How can you braid your hair to make it curly?

buy some hair stuff at Walmart called shine put some of it on your hair then braid it. (PS. it will only work on thin hair)

Is there any such thing as gray hair or does the hair simply look gray because of the mixture of colored and white hairs?

There is something called gray hair as there is both black , white and that hair in between black and white is seen as gray hair.

Does gray hair make your hair thinner?

no it depends on the type of hair you have because i have fray hairs but i also have curly hair and my hairs still curly

Will lemonade make your hair blonder?

Using lemonade does not necessarily make your hair blonder in a sense, but using lemon juice in your hair and laying out in the sun for a while will possibly add light highlights and may add shine in your hair.

How do you color your blonde hair gray?

Get some Grey Hair dye! WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR HAIR GREY?

What hair dye color covers gray hair?

"I find the best hair color to completely cover gray hair is L'Oreal

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