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First you build a roller coaster, thean build a building over the roller coaster, its that simple.

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On RCT3 can you make your coasters go underground?

yes. when you press the down arrow keep going and it will go underground

How do you Unlock rides in rct3?

To unlock roller coasters in RCT3 you have to complete any scenario to Tycoon. But you could check You Tube for a video that shows you how to get the already made game.

Are there any pre-made coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3?

Yes, In RCT3 all Roller Coasters have pre-made coasters, with varying Price, Length, Excitement rating ETC

How do you make custom scenery in rct3?^^ read that tutorial ^^

Where can you download roller coasters off the web for roller coaster tycoon 3?

The Deluxe edition of RCT3 is available to download from for £15.

How do you make cfrs in rct3?


How do you make a McDonald's in rct3?


How do you make good RCT3 coasters?

You have to Download Jcats steelworx or Moby's steel jungle, but I prefer steelworx and add them around the coaster in order to make it look good. you can also add brakes like 7 8.58 brakes.;D

How do you get to make animals in rct3?

You cannot make an Animal in Rct3, but you can buy one with the Wild Expansion Pack. If you don't have Wild, then you simply cannot have a animal or a zoo.

How do you install a wing rider coaster on rct3?

how to get a wing rider on rct3

What is the difference between rct3 and rct3 platinum?

Rct3 is its own game, while Platinum has the original game and both expansion packs: Rct3 Soaked, and Rct3 Wild.*EDITORS NOTE: Sorry, I had to edit this, it was hard to understand, and the grammar/spelling mistakes made me want to scream. :/

Can you download Rct3 wild onto Rct3 gold?

yes it can. any expansion can

How to rct3?

If you mean how to get rct3. Go and search rct3 but you need a torrent:Search utorrent or vuzeAnd it will take a while downloading (maybe a day)

What do you want to have in Roller Coaster Tycoon 4?

Maybe new ages for peeps such as baby, infant, toddler, and elderly, pets, new coasters, less lag, deaths coming back from RCT1 & RCT2, and everything from RCT3 willl be in RCT4. There should be RCT4 Soaked, RCT4 Wild, RCT4 Gold (RCT4/RCT4 Soaked), RCT4 Sliver (RCT4/RCT4 Wild) and RCT4 Platium (RCT4/Soaked/Wild) I have RCT3 Platium, and when it comes out, I will replace it with RCT4 Platium. Or keep RCT3 to save my RCT3 parks. What features do you want? Tell us in the comments!

How do you beat rct3?

to fully beat RCT3, you have to complete every scenario on Tycoon difficulty

What happens when you install RCT3 Platinum when you already have RCT3 without any expansion packs installed?

you have to uninstall rct3 and re install rct3 planitum (planitum has all the expansion packs included) or you could just buy soaked and wild

Where do you save downloaded rct3 files on your computer?

C:\Documents and Settings\x\Documenti\RCT3\Campaigns

How can you build a waterpark in RCT3?

You can only build a water park on RCT3, if you buy the soaked expansion pack.

How do you import billboard images onto RCT3 on Windows 7 OS?

Its in "Pictures" you will see a RCT3 folder.

Is a beagle an indoor dog?

Yes they make wonderful indoor pets.

How do you get steelworks for rct3?

get it at

How do you use downloaded roller coasters on roller coaster tycoon 3?

When it's time to put coaster file in a folder. You bring the file to this folder... Start>Documents>RCT3>Coasters Then put it in that folder. Now run the game and go start up one of your files, go to the coaster type you just downloaded, open that saved track folder and it should be in there.

How can roller coasters be improved?

make them longer, faster, scarier...

What make roller coasters scary?

the thought of people vomiting on you

What make roller coasters cars go up?

A chain.