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it is very easy to make the life cycle of a silkworm if you know how this process takes place. first make a silk worm ,next to it make some eggs ,and then make a catillpilkar or larva ,then make the shellter of silk moth and place some branches near it . show how the silkmoth climes the branche and spin its cocoon.

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Q: How do you make life cycle of silk worm with clay?
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List draw and show the stages life cycle of a silk moth?

You can start with a circular piece of heavy cardboard. Use clay or other materials to make each state of the life cycle. Put them on the circle spaced equally apart. Label them. Of course, that is very basic. The model can be made with more detail.

How can the silkworm come out of the silk?

A silkworm comes out of the silk cocoon as a moth, if its life is allowed to complete a full cycle.

Did silk make life better or easier for China?

Silk did make life eaiser. Silk made life silk making many accomplished inventions such as paper. Silk also makes clothing. Also, an ancient route in China was named after silk. It was named The Silk Road. That is how silk made life easier.

Is silk made from a silk worm?

Yes , the most common one is mullberry silkworm x

How much silk can a silkworm produce?

A domesticated silkworm produces a single cocoon in its life cycle, which when unraveled can produce up to 3,000 meters of one strand of silk fibre.

How do you make silk colour fast?

The best way you can make silk color fast is to use a color catcher in the washing cycle. Shout is a brand that makes color catcher sheets and is available in most supermarkets.

What was life like in the Victorian times?


Why do caterpillars spin silk?

well, catapillars dont really spin silk, silk worms make silk. catapillars make a sort of spider string but only when they cacoon themselfs up.

Why do people keep silk worms?

Silk is not made out of silk worms. Silk is made by silk worms which spin to make a cocoon for themselves.

Why is the silk moth killed?

Silk worms are killed to make silk which is a sought after soft fabric. It takes 15 silk worms to make a single gram of silk thread.

What animal makes silk?

Silkworms. they have to be a moth before they make silk

What is silk used to make?

Silk is used to make clothes, sheets, neckties, etc.