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You cannot make soap without a chemical. You either need sodium hydroxide or lye. However, lye can be made from wood ash [but it takes a year].

There are plants in nature that have saponates in them, such as yucca, buckeye, soapnuts, soapwort, etc... Check with an herbalist in your area to see what grows locally.

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Q: How do you make soap without chemical?
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How do you make soap without wax?

Wax is not necessary in the soap making process.

Is soap a chemical?

Soap is a chemical compound or a mixture of more of them

What chemical make up soap?

chicken fat@ water ;-0

Why it is consider the soap as a chemical?

If you read the ingredients of soap on the packaging, you will see many different chemical compounds listed. Soap is a mixture of chemical compounds.

Is dish soap a chemical change or physical change?

the creation of soap is a chemical reaction.

How soap become chemical change?

Soap is a chemical product, not a change. But washing involve some chemical reactions.

Is soap acidic?

Soap is a basic chemical compound.

When you add water to lye what is the chemical reaction?

soap. you make soap I don't know what on earth makes you think lye and water make soap. Lye, water and FAT make soap, and even then, only if you let them sit for a few MONTHS or cook forever and stir the whole time. Lye and water make a corrosive. They produce heat and noxious fumes. NONE of this actually answers the question. They asked for a chemical reaction you nitwit, not the end product. MORON. Sorry to the person asking. I know what happens but cannot name the chemical reaction without googling it. If it's going to be googled, you can do that yourself. Just don't listen to morons like that who think lye and water make soap.

What is the chemical name for soap?

There is no chemical name for soap. This is because most soaps are mixtures of compounds and would not have a chemical name.

What is the chemical equation for water and soap?

the chemical equation is water + soap=[whatever you get for the expierement. jessyjjd

Is a soap bubble a element?

A soap bubble is not a chemical element.

Which chemical is used to make soap?

Sodium hydroxide is used to make solid soaps. Potassium hydroxide is used to make liquid soaps. If the soap is actually a detergent, there are a vast number of chemicals that can be used to make it.

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