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Answermake then blink twenty times rpost without blinking then hold their eyes open 4 ten seconds
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Q: How do you make someone cry?
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How should you make someone cry?

There are many things you can do to make someone cry.

How can you tell if you are being unfair?

You make someone cry!

Can you make someone cry if you say you hate them?

Yes you can it makes them feel like they have no purpose and then they start to cry

What can you do to make a woman cry?

Why on earth would anyone want to do something as childish as make someone cry. Aren't there more important things in life to do?

What do you call a cry that someone might make that rhymes with stone?


Why do friends always fall out and make people cry?

Someone who makes a friend cry is not worth the tears.. That's how i look at it..

How can you make someone cry?

If you're violent,beat them up! If you're not,embarrass them!

How do you make my boyfriend cry for me?

You cant make someone try... If your testing if hed care u can fake an accident or something but if u want him To cry Give him A sweet romantic note

Should you cry if someone called You mean?

No you should not cry

Can someone you love make you cry?

Yes sometimes dependz if he tells u sweet stuff!:)

Is the movie A Christmas Carol scary?

no at the end alittle but not enough to make someone cry but kinda!

When someone makes you cry on msn what should you do?

if someone makes you cry just say i have to go goodbye

What happens when you cry to much?

if you cry to much u should talk to any person you love. get someone to help you put god in your life and he will make it better

Does loving someone make you cry?

if you didnt cry because they mean so much to you then you wouldn't be human, it is only right if you do, no matter what sex you are or how old you are, crying shows true personality and that you care abotu someone (:

How do you do make a cat cry?

Cat's don't cry. So you can't make one cry.

When does a girl cry for someone?

Actually dude..girls cry for many reasons, weeping annoyingly, some doesn't at all... they cry when get hurt by someone who they trusted

Ways to stop crying when someone is making fun of you and you cant leave?

Just enjoy that... dont cry infornt of them if u cry...more fun they will make of u.

What is the verb of cry?

Cry is already a verb. For example "to cry for something or someone" is an action and therefore a verb.

Why do parents make their children cry?

Because their just mean and hate their spouse and want to see their child cry for their own pleasure the other reason is their unhappy and want to make someone else pay for Their sadness

How do you make someone feel sorry for you?

Act really sad, cry, and maybe even make up more bad things to the story!

How many times can someone cry?

The person can cry - depends on the time in his/hers life. You can cry when you are happy or tears of joy, cry when you are sad or HAPPY.

What do aboriginals do when someone dies?

they cry

Why do the onuon make us cry?

Onions dont make you cry the make your eyes watery

How do you say you make me cry in french?

You make me cry: Tu me fais pleurer

Will far cry 5 come out for xbox 360?

Far Cry 5 will come out for XBOX 360 only if someone or some company believes they will make a profit by doing so.