How do you make someone fall in love with you?

Falling in Love is quite complicated. There are just so many contributing factors that we need to put intoconsideration. Particularly on the men's side.
Most of the ladies today are attracted to guys with fancy things and a lot of cash at their disposal. Some like a man because he is very good in doing something. Some seek for good looks. Some seek for fun loving people. Some seek for sexy eyes. Some are into the voice. The list is endless.
But at the end of the day. There has to be something about you that will make you appealing or amazing.
Find something that you can do. Do it Good. Do it Better. Do it Best.
Regularly Work out (physically). Look good. Find something to keep you occupied most of the time. Something positive and No woman likes a fat **s that sits at home all day doing nothing but watch football.
Try to be smart always. Clean teeth , fresh breath, nice shave, clean hair cuts and try to do away with those body odors.
Accumulate a few gadgets. Work for a nice house , then a nice car, buy some furniture and other things. Not that women are materialistic they need evidence that you will be able to support the family and take care of them
Life is never really that easy
You have to work for everything worth having
Lastly Develop a positive attitude
Alternative Methods:
You can also try: Voodoo, Love Potions / Spells, and Stalking - results seem to be varied on each of these, but most end with you in a mental institution or jail.
IE: You can't make someone fall in love with you, sorry but you just can't do it, accept that "Love" (by whatever definition you use) is not something that can be forced or coaxed.

If you're in the same class, and stuff, you can talk to him. Talk until you have nothing else to say.
Then just ask him. Or confessing, a better word.
If he talks into games, talk along with him and play with him.
I fell in love with someone too :D

Act cute; don't try to be completely different but if you don't feel like how you are acting you can always change a little
I have a ton of boyfriends, and all I had to do was hang out with them a lot at our spare time, and act cool. Flip your hair, (if you have long hair) and say ``Who cares?`when the teacher says a question. Make sure the teacher never heard it though.

The following methods are based on the psychology of falling in love:

  1. Meet his criteria: No matter how people say that they are not too choosy, inside their minds is a quick list of basic criteria. And before even considering dating a person, these criteria must be met. Meeting his criteria does not automatically make him/her love you. But not meeting it makes you lose the chance of him/her falling for you. Examples of basic criteria could be stuff like:
    Must be a non-smoker
    Must be in good shape
    Must be non- religious/religious
    Must have a sense of humor etc.
    Find out his background and try to meet his/her mental checklist. Doing this will avoid the possibility of him mentally rejecting you as a potential bf/gf before he gets to know you.

  2. Show that you're what he needs: People are unconsciously attracted to people who are similar or posses the quality they want to have themselves. For instance, an intellectual but shy guy will look for a partner who is also intellectual but more confident than he is. So, in this case is to play the role of a confident woman so you can attract this type of guy. By send the impression that you're what he needs, this becomes very effective.

  3. Program his subconscious mind: Make sure you're always in sight so he gets to see you a lot. This is enough to let you enter his subconscious mind. Your next step would be to reinforce your subconscious mind programming with the help of your friends. Have them constantly talk about you to him/her. It is much better if you can have mutual friends do it for you. The more they talk to him about you and you awesome you are, the better your chances of staying in his subconscious mind.

  4. Position yourself well: Try to be associated with the "confident", "independent", or "funny" type not the "inferior", "nerdy", or "clingy" type. Make sure that when people hear your name or think of you, what they have are positive thoughts of you. This way you are assured that he/she will be interested and want to be associated with you.