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Q: How do you make someone unconcious safely?
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Do teasers make someone unconcious?

If you mean taser then your answer is no.

How do you make a woman unconcious safely?

A. Kock-out gas. B. Something horifying and inaproperiat ; ). or ... C. Make her dizzy and natious. : )

How much amount of chloroform is required to make someone unconcious?

That is about a anesthetic. You need a small amount for that.

What is good about a Anesthesiologist?

They make you unconcious during surgery so you dont feel the pain, and they keep you alive and stable while unconcious.

What are the kinds of behavioral?

concious, and unconcious concious, and unconcious

What are the two kinds of behavior?

concious, and unconcious concious, and unconcious

Does anesthesia make you ditzy or make you say things you aren't trying to?

anesthesia is used to render you unconcious

Could there be a way to safely congeal someone in jello?

Yes. There is a way to safely congeal someone in jello. How?

What is unconcious?


How do you make an ironman suit?

You take your fist and punch youself continously in the face till you are unconcious. And there you go :)

How can you work safely with electricity in your home?

Make sure the power is off to the circuit you are working on. If you are not knowledgeable about wiring, then get assistance from someone who is.

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