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You cant make it go to sleep by it self:)

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Q: How do you make tamagotchi sleep?
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How do you make your tamagotchi sleep?

you can't MAKE your tamagotchi sleep, it just sleeps on its on at random, the only thing you can do regarding sleep is wake it up...

How does your tamagotchi to sleep?

At about 8:00 or 8:30 on your tamagotchi it will make the sound it does when it wants something then yo will see your tamagotchi in a blanket then you push any button and it goes to sleep. Hope I helped!

How do you make your tamagotchi go to sleep at night time?

you play with it alot and you say lets feed it

Are tamagotchi music stars suposed to go to sleep?

They aren't supposed to sleep.

How do you make your tamagotchi turn into a certain tamagotchi?

It will turn into any tamagotchi depending on the way that you raise it

Tamagotchi version 3 when does a child sleep?

A child on Version 3 will go to sleep at 8:00pm

How do you put a tamagotchi v4.5 to sleep and then wake it back up?


How to make your tamagotchi a girl?

there is no way you can make your tamagotchi a girl unless you debug it. but remember that you can only debug tamagotchi connexion, the American versions.

How do you put your tamagotchi to sleep?

you cant put it to sleep. it goes to sleep by itself but you can take the battery out and the screen will shut off and when you want to play with your pet again, put the battery back in and press download instead of reset and you can play with your tamagotchi. Does that help?

How do you put your tamagotchi version 5 to sleep?

You don't it falls asleep its self

How do you put your tamagotchi ver. 4 to sleep?

You wait. And it turns its lights out by itself.

How can you make your tamagotchi go to sleep?

Well in my decision just leave your Tamagotchi alone and maybe it will go to sleep?

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