How do you make tea or smoke salvia?

im sorry i cant answer about the tea, all i know is you need to collect a whole lot of stems.
salvia is an interesting thing.
DO NOT DO IT ALONE... its a 10 min trip and you seriously freak out, everyone reacts different though. For me and my other friend we couldn't stop moving, we just fell all over the place. My other friend (lightweight) was just afraid of everything and got completely scared. From what I've experienced; the higher the potency the more of a trip you get. 5x and 10x is more like a crazy body high while higher doses give you more of a hard trip. but no matter what you will have no control of anything.
its highly recommended that you use a bigger kind of piece such as a bong/bubbler/steamroller. you smoke it just like weed but don't take too big of a hit, then you hold it in for 30 seconds to a minute and as soon as you breathe out you trip. if you don't hold it in for atleast 30 seconds you wont trip.
Another reason to do it with someone is that your likely to not remember much of your trip. and i also advise you not to stand and walk around, even though you will be highly tempted to do so, because you will fall over without a doubt.