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make sum cuttin tools with the fish bone then put sumone over the pulpy vines theyll do the rest... the pulpy vines r near the fire on the big wall where u see the viney things put sum1 over it till it says soandso sees pulpy vines drop em and it shoud work... but u hav to hav the cloth hut!!


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Virtual Villagers 4 Name : Jacob McDonald Key : 0000HQ-BG6RFZ-KPH5ZJ-967894-CMJM5G

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There is nothing buried in Virtual Villagers 4 :) Trust me I have completed it twice. Unless you mean by the left of the fire then it is the tide pool

You just have to WIN it.

Virtual Villagers 4 Name : Jacob McDonald Key : 0000HQ-BG6RFZ-KPH5ZJ-967894-CMJM5G

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