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Step by Step - How to Make the Webkinz My Page Private/Personal
  1. Click on the Things To Do menu if you haven't and then click on My Page.
  2. On the top right corner below the x, click on Preferences.
  3. Then you can edit your settings.
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Q: How do you make the my page on webkinz private?
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Is there going to be a webkinz your page?

there is not going to be a your page but there is a webkinz my page

Will Webkinz make a barracuda?

go to the webkinz newzpaper and click on ''Contact Us'' it small on the bottom of the page then ask them that question!

Why doesn't the Webkinz pets and stuff page show the new Webkinz?

it does on the last page

How do you make a webkinz wish list?

at the front page click on the 'Webkinz Catalog' button. then click were it says 'wish list' and then check the boxes that you want.

How do you make a private page show a layout?

you cant make ur layout private!u have to make ur homepage private on imvu

Who created the webkinz login page?

Graphic designers hired by webkinz

What do you do if you forget your webkinz user name?

look at the webkinz help page

How do you make a myspace Comedian page private?

It is impossible

How do you get a Webkinz mutt?

You can only get a webkinz mutt with a demo of webkinz. (Look it up) PLEASE COMMENT MY ANSWER ON MY PAGE!!! m =(^.^)= m

Where is the webkinz contest page?

The webkinz contest page:

What is the ticker symbol for Webkinz?

Webkinz are made by Ganz which is a private company based out of Canada. As a private company no public shares are traded and no ticker symbol exists.

What is Webkinz log in page url?