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hit them in the chin or the back of the head or sleeping pills

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Put your hands behind your head and your arms will fall asleep fast.

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Q: How do you make you arm fall asleep fast?
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What causes your hand to fall asleep?

Well your hand falls asleep because the cut off of blood circulation in the blood vein. So like if you have you arm on a corner for a certain amount of time it causes your are to fall asleep.

What causes arms to go up in sleep?

The restriction of blood to your arm will cause you numbness (to fall asleep). This happens when something is pushing on your veins, either your muscles or for example if you fall asleep on it.

Hands going to sleep during sleep?

umm the only thing i can think of is if you sleep on your arm without knowing. It may fall asleep.

How do you make your elbow crack?

Extend your arm out straight very fast.

What do you do when your hand falls asleep Why does it?

Someone's hand can fall asleep due to lack of circulation to the hand. When a person sits, or lays a certain way the circulation can be restricted if pressure is placed upon any one part of the arm or wrist. To regain circulation a person can move their arm and hand around to cause the blood to begin to flow back to the hand and the feeling of it having 'fallen asleep' to be removed.

How do you make your arm go numb?

Could be a few things. The most common reason for a limb falling asleep is that you positioned the limb funny and compressed a nerve in that limb against something, causing the limb to "fall asleep." If that was not the source sometimes injuries to nerves will cause the same effect.

What can happen if your arm falls asleep for too long?

The demon arm slayer will come to your house and offer your soul for your arm in return.

Was bitten by a dog in your elbow and now your hands fall asleep?

I would suggest puting some medicated ointment on it, and making sure to still use that arm. If the condition worsens, see a doctor.

When was Arm Fall Off Boy created?

Arm Fall Off Boy was created in 1989.

Will your arm fall off if you get frostbite on it?

No the arm will not fall off is frostbitten, but it needs to be rewarmed as soon as possible.

For some reason sometimes when I wake up my left or right arm gets numb for a couple of minutes i ve kind of been wondering why does this sometimes happen?

Cutting off bloodflow or pressure on the nerve in your arm can cause it to "fall asleep" or go numb, as you've described.

What does it mean if your arm feels like it has fallen asleep?

it means you can't move them