How do you make your fingers vibrate?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: How do you make your fingers vibrate?
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How do you make notifications vibrate on Android?

To make incoming calls vibrate: To make SMS messages vibrate: Do NOT open "Setup"... "Messaging" -> Menu Button -> [Text Messaging], if you have this option -> "Settings" -> Vibrate option is at the bottom of the list

Do earthquake make sounds?

Yes, they do. They make a rumbling sound as they vibrate.

Is vibrate a noun?

Vibrate is an action so wouldn't that make it a VERB??

What do you do to a drum skin to make it vibrate?

I really don't know. I think you have tO hit the drumskin with the drumstick to make it vibrate

How do you make a PS3 controller vibrate?

If you have a controller that will vibrate go to the settings menu and correct the setting

How does a banjo instrument work?

You pick or pluck the strings, which then vibrate across the drum, causing sound. The sounds depend on where you put your fingers.

How do you make a string vibrate quickly?

Shorter strings vibrate at a higher frequency than longer strings.

What causes the vocal cords to make sounds?

they vibrate..

How do you make a drum vibrate?

You must hit it with something.

How do you vibrate your whole body?

You shake it till you make it!

Where does the noise come from when clicking your fingers?

Sound is made when air particles vibrate. So when you click your fingers, you're causing the air particles around your finger to vibrate, causing the noise you hear. The noise you hear is actually a mixture of 2 sounds; the sound of your middle finger sliding off your thumb, and also the sound of your middle finger hitting your hand.

What are the vocal cords in?

they are in your thorat which vibrate when to speak to make a noise