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If i were you I would like spray it with febreze or perfume or calogne.

Wash the surface with vinegar and water using a clean rag. Do not soak it. Allow the mattress to air. For the future, invest in a good mattress pad that can be washed. This will protect the bed from absorbing sweat and other fluids.

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Some mattress do its better if you spray fresh clean Lysol on your bed it'll dry off but yes some brands do smell

I don't know why someone would want a chicken in their mattress. It would make your mattress lumpy and smell bad.

The foam mattress is better cause its way more comfy than the sprung mattress. it also melds to ur shape :)

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To get dog smell out of a mattress, just spray Febreeze on it. Febreeze is the best odor-eater, and is proven to remove animal smells, and is safe to use around pets.

Stand it outside in the sunshine for a day or two. (What on earth were you doing gluing stuff to a mattress?)

You are going to have to let the mattress air out. You can also try spraying some Febreeze on the pee stain.

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put spray or purfume on.

Put it outside to dry in sunshine and wind

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I have been dealing with this same problem. I have taken the mattress outside to air it repeatedly. I have used Smelleze (don't waste your money) and baking soda. It is getting better, but the toxic smell is still there. I am replacing it rather than spend one more night having the toxic stuff seep through my skin. Throw it out!

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