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I have had this problem a lot, mostly through-out 1st-6th grade. Anyway, if you hate school, well, it will only get worse if you consider looking on the down side of things. I would suggest that you look on the bright side of things from now on.

But...but, there is no bright things... You may think this to yourself, yes, there is a bright side to everything, no matter how you put it, word it, etc. There will always be a bright side. You just have to find it. Finding it, well, you need to figure that out yourself.


Basically you need to go to school, so you need to improve the situation. Don't sit passively by just warming the seat. Do this by taking higher level classes and doing the work for them. They're quieter and a lot more interesting.

If you are feeling frustrated and yelled at, suck it up and get the help you need so you can regain your confidence. If you have dug yourself into a hole with classmates and have no friends, that is a tough thing. However, if you take time and stay calm, it will sort out.

In the meantime, volunteering is a wonderful way to get out and be with people. Finally, there are alternatives--charter schools, online and so on. Go get that high school diploma--it's worth it.


imagine that you're and is disguised inspector visiting the same school and checking the curriculum of that boring school, so sit like an inspector and act like one and remember that u will be disguised as a student so u even have to listen to the teacher and see how good she teaches.

If you hate the teacher so much and don't wanna look at her/his face just imagine the teacher as an broccoli talking or something funny to entertain yourself and have fun during school so that way U will be looking froward to go to see Mr/ms. bottom, whale, or any funny thing u can imagine.

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Do your homework in class and play on your laptop.

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Q: How do you make your self not to hate school?
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