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You go gay! And start having sex with men! Hahaha you guys are such retards! Oh and I was joking stay straight.

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How do you know if you have a high sperm count?

The whiter as opposed to clear your ejaculations are, the higher sperm count.

Why should sperm count for the man be high for fertilization to occur?

It's a long swim for a microscopic sperm to make and even if the egg is fertile only one does the job. Higher fertility is improved but having more swimmers in the race so the higher the sperm count the more likely one will have the skill to get the job done.

Does alcohol make a mans sperm count lower then others?

Alcohol can lower sperm count, but it is very slight.

How do you increase sperm count. i rely need to know?

eat oysters and drink pomegranate juice and after about 2 months you should have a higher sperm count

Does weed make you lose sperm count?

i was looking it up and it says (In a word, yes: Smoking does affect a man's sperm count)

Does a low sperm count anger you?

No having low sperm will not anger me, it can make me sad.

Can you have a baby when you have 8 million sperm count?

Depending on the sperms' motility, yes, a sperm count of 8 million could make a baby.

is it true a waterbed will make you loose your sperm count?

The heat from a heated waterbed can reduce sperm count by 10%. Thats not enough to affect anything.

Can low sperm count make a baby?

Only when you have sex

Are your chances of having a girl higher if your partner has a low sperm count?

No, the chances of having a girl depends on how many x's and y's are in your sperm.

What is the easyiest way to get sperm?

A recent study showed that masturbation at teen ages from 12-18, have a higher sperm count in later years

How do you know you have a low sperm count?

When you can count your sperm cells in the hundreds.

Do condoms lower sperm count?

Condoms do not lower sperm count.

How can a man tell if he's infertile?

He needs to leave a sperm sample at the doctor so they can make a sperm count.

Does mustard lower sperm count?

No mustard will not lower sperm count at all.

Can you get HIV from a man with no sperm count?

You most certainly can, sperm count has nothing to do with it.

Does peppermint cause lower sperm count?

Peppermint has no effect on sperm count.

Does taking Viagra effect sperm count?

No. Viagra does not affect sperm count.

Does smoking weed shrink your testis?

No it does not. On the documentary, "Super High Me" the guy had a higher sperm count when he was on weed.

Why its recommended you don't wear briefs or spend lots of time in a hot tub if you have a low sperm count?

The male body produces sperm at specific temperatures, basically 98.6 Fahrenheit. Both this items tend to force the temperature higher, lowering the sperm count.

What is considered a high sperm count?

The average sperm count is about 15 million sperm per milliliter. Anything over that amount can be considered high. Some men have as many as 40 million sperm in their sperm count.

Do polos lower sperm count?

No, eating polos will not lower your sperm count. How ever eating a fatty diet can reduce a mans sperm count by 40%

How can you higher your sperm count?

try to keep the sac from being exposed to long exposed heat you can take multi daily vitiamins figs are great but taste nasty this will improve the quality or development of the sperm which improves count

If a man has a zero sperm count what are the chances of a natural pregnancy?

the same as the sperm count

Can a man with zero sperm count increase his sperm count?

They. Never stop making it

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