How do you make zoma on dqm?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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Malroth + White King (Tortured Soul + King Slime) or Bone Baron (Grim Rider + Dark Slime Knight)

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For dwm2 cobi's journey i know that it's DracoLord (not sure if it's dragon or human) and Sidoh. not sure if that helps at all...

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Q: How do you make zoma on dqm?
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How do you make Raphorne 2 dqm?

you need a Rhapthorne and a Zoma then fuse them together and you will get a Rhapthorne II

In dqm how to get a x ranked monster?

Zoma- Malroth + Bone BaronRuin- Mumboh-Jumboe + Gold GolemPsaro- Ruin + Rose GuardianEstark- Psaro + BeetlebullyZoma is the easiest

How do you make a Pikachu in dqm joker?

sadly you can't you can i Pokemon not DQM Joker 8(

Dqm How do you synthesize rapthorne2?

It's really long! first get a ablast dragon (drakulard+ mechan-wyrm) and an estark (Psaro + beetulbully) and synsthenise your ablast dragon and estark. You will get a doulmagus. Then get a nimzo (drakulard + malroth) and synstenis your doulmagus with your nimzo. You will get a rapthorne. Then get a Zoma (malroth + wight king) and synsthenise your Zoma with your rapthorne. YOU GOT YOURSELF A RAPTHORNE 2!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Zoma Bealoka's population?

Zoma Bealoka's population is 10,000.

What is La Zoma's population?

La Zoma's population is 27.

What is the area of La Zoma?

The area of La Zoma is 14 square kilometers.

How do you make a Ruin in dqm?

Mumbo jumbo + gold golem

DQM how do make a alabast dragon?

Mechan-o'wyrm & Drakulard

How do you get the moon tablet in dqm?

How do you get the moon tablet in dqm?

What is the population density of La Zoma?

La Zoma's population density is 1.9 people per square kilometer.

How do you make mechan-o'wyrm in dqm?

metal dragon and great dragon