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Usually cubed bread and bread crumbs are different ingredients. Bread crumbs are much finer than cubed dried bread. You measure them the same way you would any other dry ingredient. Use a measuring cup made for dry ingredients. For cubed bread, lightly pile the cubes into a glass or plastic measuring cup without packing. For fine bread crumbs, simply pour them in. I would do it this way unless it is stated otherwise in the recipe.

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Q: How do you measure cubed bread crumbs?
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Does 2 cups of bread crumbs equal 8 slices of fresh bread cubed?


How much bread crumbs does 4 slices of white bread equal?

4 slices of bread should equal about a cup (maybe a little less) of bread crumbs (in the food processor). This amount would increase if you were looking for "bread crumbs" that were larger, say croutons, or "cubed". With cubed bread you may get even 3-4 cups out of your 4 slices. Keep in mind this is assuming you are talking about standard store-bought sliced bread, not an artisan bread or a french bread or something like that.

How are panko bread crumbs different from regular bread crumbs?

Panko bread crumbs are different from regular bread crumbs because Panko bread crumbs are made from bread without crusts. Because of this, food coated with Panko bread is light and airy.

Can you use regular bread for bread crumbs?

Yes, they are both bread crumbs.

Where do bread crumbs originate?

Dried bread made into crumbs. Any bread will work.

Do bread crumbs spoil?

Yes they can. Just like whole loaves of bread and slices of bread, bread crumbs can expire.

How do you make buttered bread crumbs?

To make buttered bread crumbs, add just enough melted butter to the dry bread crumbs to get them barely wet.

What is the origin of bread crumbs?


What elements make up bread crumbs?

Bread crumbs are hydrocarbons since they come from bread made with wheat.

Are bread crumbs made of bread?

Homemade bread crumbs are made from crumbled up dry bread. Commercial bread crumbs are manufactured by a number of methods, but not from crumbled loaves of bread. Sometimes it is sometimes it isn't, but the ingredients are always the same as bread.

Why do crumbs not float on earth?

Crumbs? Bread crumbs? Bread crumbs don't float. They are devoured by the hungry animals that happen to find them. How can you even compare those two words, crumbs and floating?

Do crumbs dissolve?

Bread crumbs are not soluble in water.

How does the texture of bread crumbs relates to bread quality?

if the crumbs are really soggy, eg dipped in water then the bread is really good, if the crumbs are green or yellowish then the bread is perfect!, so it varies like that, if the crumbs are hard and crispy, dip the bread in water for extra taste! and texture

What are bread crumbs?

they are little pieces of bread

Do goldfish eat bread crumbs?

Yes gold fish would eat bread crumbs unless your gold fish is weird it won't but some fish eat bread crumbs

Is there a difference between dry bread crumbs and seasoned bread crumbs?

yes there is diffrence between a and b.

What can be substituted for flour WHEN breading food?

Panko Bread crumbs, Bread crumbs, crushed corn flakes

How ducks can die if they fed too many bread crumbs?

No. They can't because bread crumbs are to small.

Are bread crumbs good for you?

if they are made out of real bread

If a recipe calls for 3 cups day-old bread cut into 1-inch cubes what would that convert to if you used dry bread crumbs?

If your recipe asks for cubed day old bread, it would be best to use it. It helps to bind the meat together and gives it extra bulk. Dry bread crumbs aren't quite as good. If you need to use bread crumbs, use 1/2 cup per slice of bread. Another source points out that 4 ounces of bread equals 3 cups of soft crumbs so according to this you would need 4 ounces of crumbs. One ounce of bread crumbs is 1/4 cup (or 28g) so four ounces of bread crumbs would be 1 cup. In using a substitution like this, it is always best to watch carefully to make sure you are not drying out your recipe too much. Substitutions may not always be accurate for your particular recipe or ingredients.but if your making stuffing use french bread dry it the laundy room and put a lot of sage Unless your being creative I wouldn't suggest replacing bread crumbs with cubed day old bread. It will give you a much different result. One easy solution is to lightly toast some slices of bread then cut it into cubes. As mentioned above French Bread or actually any type you really like can give you some great results.

Can birds eat bread crumbs?

Yes birds eat bread crumbs because i caught a bird and gave it bread crumbs and it ant it i still have it not only can they eat bread crumbs they can also eat just normal table scraps well any table scraps other than meat.

Where can you find bread crumbs on HorseIsle?

Bread Crumbs are a crafting item. They are not sold in general store unless sold by a player.

What are the release dates for What Should You Do - 2003 Bread Crumbs?

What Should You Do - 2003 Bread Crumbs was released on: USA: 2003

How many slices of bread are in one cup of bread crumbs?

About 4 slices of table bread will make one cup of bread crumbs. The bread will crumb best if stale or dried by leaving out overnight.

What are soft bread crumbs?

Chopped up fresh bread