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How do you measure displacement?

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Displacement is the amount of space that an object takes up when placed in a fluid. Have you ever noticed how the water level rises in a bathtub when you get into it? The amount of water you are displacing is the volume of your body that is in the water. so by measuring the displacement of an object, you can measure the volume of the object.

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What does the displacement of the water method measure?

Water displacement is a method to measure volume

What is the difference between displacement and speed?

Displacement is a measure of distance. Speed is a measure of the RATE at which the distance is traversed.

What is the tool to measure volume using water displacement?

A beaker is used to measure volume using water displacement.

What is a displacement sensor?

"Displacement sensors measure the distance an object moves and they can also be used to measure object height and width".

What is the unit of measure for displacement?

the unit of measuring for displacement is cubic centimeter[cc]. The unit of measurement for displacement is the meters.

What angle is used to measure?

It is used to measure rotational displacement.

Why is volume used to measure?


How can a Ships light weight LWT be derived given the Displacement DWT and the gross tonnageGRT?

It can't. Gross tonnage is a measure of volume, while displacement is a measure of weight. The light ship displacement is equal to the total displacement minus the deadweight.

How do you measure amplitude in a longitudinal wave?

You measure the displacement in the waves high.

Is the amount of displacement always a measure of density?

No, it's a measure of volume.

Can cm be converted into radian?

No. Centimetres are a measure of linear displacement whereas radians measure angular displacement. Because they measure different things, it is not possible to convert from one to the other.

How can you measure the magnitude of the displacement of an object?


What is the measure of an objects change in position?


What is a radian fundamentally made of?

It is a measure of the extent of angular displacement - a measure of an angle.

How many thousands of an inch to one degree?

An inch is a measure of linear displacement (distance) while a degree is a measure of angular displacement (rotation). There is no constant relationship between the two. The same angular displacement will result in a bigger linear displacement the further you are from the centre of rotation.

An object's speed is a measure of?

The speed of an object is its rate of displacement. Specifically, it is the rate of displacement over time or the first derivative of displacement with respect to time.

Can the product of mass and displacement be taken as a measure of momentum?


Does an odometer in a car measure distance or displacement?


Measure volume of granulated sugar?

By displacement of liquid

How will you describe radian measure?

It is a measure of angular displacement used in intermediate to advanced mathematics.

How many inches is an acute angle?

An inch is a measure of linear displacement, not angular displacement. The two measures are incompatible.

How many mm is 2degrees angle?

The question cannot be answered sensibly. A millimetre is a measure of linear displacement whereas a degree is a measure of rotational displacement. The two measure different things and there is no direct conversion from one to the other.

How does distance differ displacement?

distance is the measure of the length between two points where as displacement is the shortest distance between the points.

How would you measure the volume of a cork?

not by water displacement method

What is the function of a displacement can?

Used to measure irregular objects volume.