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Q: How do you measure the temperature a sick child?
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Which thermometer is used to measure the temperature of burning match sick?


What is constituted as a high temperature in a child?

A high temperature in a child is constituted to be above 99.5F (37.5C) on the skin of the underarm of the child. You can also measure the temperature by placing the thermometer in the child's mouth, but it is likely that the child will bite it.

Is a 102.7 body temperature in a 12 year old child dangerous?

Not life threatening, but very sick.

Is a temperature of 94.2 dangerous for a baby who's been sick?

Yes such a child needs immediate evaluation provided the temperature has been recorded properly.

Why should a mother use her lips to see her child's temperature?

That is not an accurate way to measure a child's temperature. The best way is by either a traditional thermometer, or an electronic ear temperature reader. There are also temperature strips that can be applied to the forehead, but these are less reliable.

What metric unit would you use to find the temperature of a sick child?

You would use a thermometer graduated in degrees Celsius.

How high does your temperature get if your sick?

If you are feeling sick and dizzy, you will have a temperature of 37 and above.

Can a sich kitten make a child sick?

There are some diseases that a sick kitten can pass on to make a child sick.

Do sick child care provides long-term home health care for sick children for working parents?

Give medicine make soup take to doctor take temperature cuddle

Was Nikola Tesla ever sick as a child?

Nikola as a child demonstrated symptoms of early genius mind formation and he did once got sick with Cholera and almost died. As a matter of fact, when he came delirious with high temperature his head was filled with ideas on electricity and such.

When you measure an object's temperature you measure the?


When you measure the temperature of an object you measure the?

Temperature xD