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I suppose that the only way to meet them would be if you won a competition or if you were involved in the film.And it is very unlikely to meet them until after finishing filming harry potter.

My friends knows someone who knows Rupert Grint, so you could just ask around the family or something.

You could try to go to a premier and you might be able to get a signed autograph, some of the cast talk to people when they are signing.

EDIT: go to a premier or a film festival where you know the cast is meeting. bug them about it. walking around known places of work is a little creepy but it works. its how tmz works. few of them host contests. or get famous yourself.

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Q: How do you meet the cast of Harry Potter?
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Your a millionaire or your the president

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This would be quite difficult as you are wanting to meet the crew, not the cast. But if you went to the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one movie then you could probably meet the cast and crew.

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Fly to England (if your not already there) when a Harry Potter film is coming out they will have a day when all the Harry Potter stars come out and meet you and sign books and pictures.

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yes but the only way relly is to get a back stage pass or get a part in the film ect

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