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Q: How do you memorize the colregs very quickly?
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A Scarlatti Sonata unedited that will be fairly easy to play memorize?

I memorized Scarlatti k. 1 and k. 54 very quickly and they were easy to play.

What is an animal with great mathematical ability?

A chimpanzee: they are related to humans and are able to memorize numbers quickly.

Is Hawaii busy?

It is very busy and very difficult street names to memorize

Can mildly mentally retarded people become famous actors?

Probably not because actors are required to memorize lines quickly.

What skills do you need to be a medical doctor?

You will need a strong background in science: you will be studying for a medical degree, and the courses will include anatomy, physiology, psychology, and specific courses about the internal workings of the human body. You will need to learn techniques for diagnosing various diseases, and what certain symptoms mean. You will need to know how to do medical research, so that you can keep up with new findings that may be useful to your area of expertise. You will need to project a confident but calming manner, so that you can put a patient at ease (many patients are scared when they see a doctor). You will need to listen carefully to the patient, so that you can understand his or her symptoms: this will be necessary in order to diagnose, or to identify possible reasons why the patient is not feeling well. Sometimes, a good doctor is like a detective-- gathering information, knowing what tests to order, doing research, and figuring out the problem. You will also need to possess manual dexterity, since you may be performing surgery or handling medical equipment or doing a physical exam. Some doctors are specialists, and they must acquire a thorough knowledge of the particular area in which they want to practice: gynecology, oncology, internal medicine, surgery, etc. Above all, a doctor must have a love of the medical field and a dedication to helping patients.

Is (He is very quickly) a question?

The answer is: NO. "He is very quickly" is NOT a question !

How can you memorize 9 addresses very quickly?

If you mean house addresses, the best way would be rote memorization. Keep reciting the addresses and have a mental image of who lives there. It takes a little effort, but for just nine things, it's the quickest way.

How do you quickly memorize a song and its tune?

The best way to memorize a song is to listen to it and sing along. Get a copy of the lyrics to make sure you're singing the right words. Finally, sing the song without music or lyrics to make sure you remember everything.

How do you translate very quickly in french?

tres vite - very quick rapidement - quickly tres rapidement - very quickly

How can I memorize my school work quickly?

paying attention when lesson is been taken i n class.also study always to improve your standard ok workability.

What is a sentence using the word memorize?

I have to memorize these lines for the play in a week. Memorize the scientific method for tomorrow. I memorize pi for fun in my free time.

How do you translate very quickly in Korean?

매우 빠르게 = very quickly