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you go to a Pokemon centre and go to the record corner and with a friend you go to the spaces and it mixes your records.

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Q: How do you mix records on ruby?
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How do you get the Mystery Ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

you have to mix records with sapphire/ruby and then you get the ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you mix records with Pokemon sapphire and Pokemon LeafGreen to get a ticket?

You can only mix records between Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald not leafgreen.

Pokemon emreld how do you mix records?

To mix records, you will need two GBA (SP)'s and a link cable. Then you will need two copies of Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. On the the second floor on the far end or Ruby and Sapphire and in the direct link counter for Emerald, you can choose to mix records with another game.

How do you get the Eon Ticket in Pokemon?

U have to mix records with your ruby and Sapphire games

Pokemon emerald how to get the eon ticket?

Mix Records with Ruby/Sapphire that has a ticket.

Where is the eon ticket?

To get it in Ruby/SaPPHIRE MIx records wiff oppisit game. In Emarald, Mix wiTH Other game that hazzitt

How do you display the Pokemon you own or have caught previously on Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

you have to mix records

How do you mix records in Pokemon emerald with Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

Trade between the games

After you mix records with Pokemon Ruby where do you go?

You do not have to go anywhere. But where ever they had a secret base, you can go in theirs.

When was Ruby Records created?

Ruby Records was created in 1981.

When did Ruby Records end?

Ruby Records ended in 1982.

How To Get Eon Ticket In Pokemon Emerald?

Mix records with ruby and sapphire with a latias in one party and a latios in the other

How do you get the Regis in LeafGreen?

mix records with ruby, sapphire or emerald who have the regi's. and go north six island to Altering cave and they will be there.

What do you need to go to southern island in ruby?

well this is easy #1.You need to find some friends with Ruby, Saphire and Emerald #2.Mix records with them all (you need to mix with all 3) #.Then you should have it OH AND KINGDOM HEARTS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How catch surskit in emerald?

You'll need to trade for it, because it isn't in the Pokemon Emerald. To catch it, you must mix records with Ruby or Sapphire.

What is the purpose of a secret base in Pokemon ruby?

If you mix records with your friends and they have Lv100's you can raise your pokemon's level by visiting your friends in their bases and battle.

How do you get to south island in emerald?

ok hi to get southern island you have to mix records with Pokemon ruby with eon ticket and then to emerald or a special gba event

How do you mix record in ruby?

The record corner is on the second floor of every Pokemon center you need a GBA link cable to go inside link up with a friend then just stand on the squares to mix records.

How do you mix records with emerald and sapphire?

you go to the records hall in th battle frontier and then u get a trading cable and there u can mix records.

How do you get mysteriticket on Pokemon emerald?

you get the mystery ticket from an event outside the game or mix records from ruby orSapphire from a player that has the ticket. I beat emerald but i do not have the mystery ticket. from,pirate13.

Where do you get Susuit in Pokemon Emerald?

you mix records with Pokemon ruby and sapphire (you go to the top floor ofthe Pokemon centre last person down and connect cord like your trading with someone she will ask if you want to mix records say yes then get on the machine then you go to route 126 and he will rarley be there (hopefully)

What happens if you link up Pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald and in each one you mix records?

I've done this. (tricky to wire). same as when two people mix records. You can all access each others secret bases and will have the Pokemon you were holding when you mixed. you also get some of the gaps filled in on your pokedex.

Get the eon ticket in pokemon ruby?

u get tickets when u either mix records with someone wo has an eon ticket/get ur game evented..[attend a nintendo event].

Where do you get the Eon Ticket in Pokemon Emerald?

you go to a Nintendo event but unfortuanly they have all finished so you cant get it sorry.Answeryou have to mix records with a Pokemon sapphire or ruby that has one I think.

Mix records diamond?

well its like Sapphire or ruby same thing change are inly on what happend later of doing it chances of finding new objects or places grow