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take off your pants.

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How do you pee your pants with out pants?

If you don't have pants, you can't "pee your PANTS."

How do you not pee when you think about pee?

Cause your not thinking about peeing in your pants, and your trained to pee in a toilet with your pants down! :)

Should you pee your pants?

I going to say ... no. No you shouldn't pee your pants.

What is water spilting?

when you pee your pants and your pants split because there is so much pee

What is the french word for pee pants?

pipi dans le pantalon: Pee in pants.

How often do girls pee their pants?

never after the age of 6. how often do you pee your pants?

How do you pee in your pants?

drink alot of something or laugh alot then you will have to go then you just stand and pee (optional) do the poty dance and then pee pee your pants

What do you do when you pee your pants?

When you pee your pants you make a wet spot in your pants. And it feels good to let it out.

Did anyone pee their pants in school before?

yes, all the kindergardners pee in there pants.

Why do you wiggle when you need a pee?

To keep in my pee and not do it in my pants.

What is Pee your pants kind of laughing?

Its when the joke is so funny that either you pee in your pants or just wanna.

How do you pee your pants in public?

Do it like you would at home just pee in your pants i do all the time at the mall

Do you pee your pants?


How do you a girl pee her pants?

if we need to pee, it just flows out

Do girls pee in pants?


Do woman pee their pants?

Sometimes they do.

Did Carrie Underwood pee her pants?


Did you pee your pants when you was12?

I did when i was 13

How do you pee pants?

try your best. NOT.

Can a man pee his pants?

shure he can !!

How do you start to pee your pants?


How do you write a resemay?

you pee your pants

What do you do if you pee your pants?

If you accidentally pee your pants, you should change your clothes right away. If you do not have clothes with you, you should go home to change.

Has Justin Bieber ever pee in his pants?

Justin Bieber was in Tokyo, Japan for a fan event and he pee his pants it's on the news.

How can a girl pee in the woods?

If you are a girl and need to pee in the woods I say find a tree unbotten and unzip your pants and pull your pants and panties down to your knees and pee on the tree.

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