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i think you use a bomb flower

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Q: How do you open Gorons shop in Zelda ocarina of time?
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What do use to open gorons shop when your a grown up in Zelda orcaina of time for 3ds?

You need to open it as a child with a stick. Then, when you´re grown up the shop will be open.

How do you open zoras shop in Zelda ocarina?

first go to the ice cavern then get the blue fire with a jar then go to the Zora's shop and pour it on the front and there you have open it.

At which store can you buy the Legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

Probably at a local GameStop or pawn shop. If not, look on eBay.

How do you get a blue tunic on Zelda?

(assuming this is for Ocarina of Time) as an adult purchase it for 200 rupees from the shop in Zora's Domain.

Will there be a Legend of Zelda ocerina of time for wii?

From what i heard there will be a legend of zelda ocarina of time on the wii. It is a virtual console title purchasable in the wii shop channel. And you can use a classic controller or gamecube controller.

How do you find the Mask Shop in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?

The Happy Mask Shop is located in the Hyrule Town Market, to the leftof the path that takes you to Hyrule Castle.Note: The shop does not Sell Masks Rather lends them out.

Where is the store in Zelda twilight princess?

There are two main stores in the game. One is Malo mart in kakariko village which is the first of his stores to open. Then later after giving money to the older goron he will take over the store in hyrule castle town. You also have barnes bomb shop which is in kakariko as well. Malo mart will open after you save colin and barnes will open after you help the gorons.

When will the be a Legend of Zelda ocarina of time for wii?

It is already available through the WII shop. Purchase some Wii points and Search for Legend of Zelda. You will not be scammed for the Wii App was created by Wii itself! Just find the Wii shop app. (it should be akready installed with a wii)

Where is the hall of time on Zelda ocarina of time?

It's called the Temple of Time. It is in Hyrule Market Place and it is the large church you see to the right of the Happy Mask Shop.

On Zelda ocarina of time what is sarias tune?

On the c buttons(or c stick if on wii shop chanel ver. with g.cube control) then press: down left right, down left right

Who do you get to the light tempel in Zelda Ocarina of time?

There is no light Temple in Zelda Ocarina of time, There is only the Temple of time. The moment you become Adult link you are given the light medallion. So there would be no need to look for a "light temple" if it did exist... But if you meant the Temple of Time, this can be found in Hyrule Market. You go to where the hat shop is, and turn right and go towards the chapel like structure.

When were percussion instruments created?

at the shop of ocarina