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How do I open my locked file cabinets?

Depending on your locked file cabinet type, you may be able to open the locked cabinet if you tilt it enough so that there is a hole that your finger can poke through. You should then feel a metal piece, so push the metal up, and this should release the locks. However, if you do not have that type of cabinet, you may have to contact the cabinet company for an extra set of keys, or at last resort, destroy the cabinet.

How do you open the file cabinet?

If you have a file cabinet that has been locked and you cannot find the key, there is a code on the lock. You may need a magnifying glass to see it. Take the code to a locksmith and they should be able to provide a duplicate key for it.

How do you open the file cabinet in poptropica?

get the princepal to leave with the stink bomb and then just click the file cabinet

How do you open WinRAR file Password Locked File?

You cannot open the file unless you have been supplied with the correct password.

How would a snake get into a file cabinet?

Someone could of left the drawer open for a period of time, and it could of crawled in and stayed there, locked inside. Or there could be a hole somewhere on the outside!

What does it mean when you try to open a file and it says its locked for editing?

When you download a file and open it and it says that the file is locked. Which means you have to enable the editing. The person who created the original filed locked it for security reasons. To unlock it, on windows > Right click the file > Properties > then unlock it Also: If you are trying to access a file on a shared server, it could mean that someone else has that file open, and you'll be able to open the file once they close it. Many programs will not let more than user at a time edit files.

How can one install a cab file?

A cabinet file, extension .cab, is a compressed archive file. Windows has built-in functions to open or extract the cabinet file but not to install it. A specific command must be entered through the pkgmgr program to install the cab file.

How do get to the file cabinet in big nate island?

You have to use your stink bomb you made in the science room.Then the women will leave the room.Go to the cabinet click on the bottom of the cabinet and it will open.

What do you do if you cant access a file in Open Office Writer?

It depends what you mean by 'cant access'. a) If your computer crashed while a file was open - Open Office should automatically attempt to recover the file next time you open it. b) If the file is locked by a password - you need to enter the correct password to open it.

How can one open a cabinet file on Windows?

There are two ways one can open a cabinet file on Windows. The first way is to use an Archive Utility, then select the file to extract. The second way is to use the Windows XP System Configuration Utility, by clicking on run, then typing 'msconfig'. For more detailed information about this subject go online to File XT.

How do you open the file cabinet in bignate island poptropica?

first find all the papers of comics and it says the combination

How do you open a locked brief case?

How do we open the locked suitcase

Can strong winds open locked garages?

Can you open locked garages? There is your answer

How do you open the cabinet in Big Nate in Poptropica?

make a stink bomb finish comic get gum chew it in the school go into the detention room release the stink bomb and go in the file cabinet.

In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin times on club penguin?

The boiler room. you get there by going into the Town. Then go into the night club. in one of the speakers, if you put your cursor over one of the speakers ( I'm not exactly sure which one but i think it's the 4th from the left) it should open then go down the ladder hidden in the speaker and you will be in the boiler room. you can also get there by going into the Plaza and going down the manhole. then go to the room on the left of the pool when your underground. anyway, when your in the boiler room, there should be a file cabinet in the top left of the file cabinet, if you put your cursor on the top left of the file cabinet, it should open up, then if you click on the open file cabinet there should be a bunch of newspapers you can read if you click on them.

What doer the error unable to open includefilename mean?

You cannot open the given file, for many various reasons such as 1. It doesn't exist anymore (deletion and cancellation halfway may result in that) 2. It is a locked file. 3. It cannot be opened by the programs you have on your computer. 4. It is a file which you need administrator priviledges to open

What do you do after you open the locker on Big Nate Island?

Click the locker again and you will get a map of the school, revealing a secret room under the file cabinet.

How do you open a pfc file in your documents?

PFC files are "Personal Filing Cabinet" files from AOL. AOL will open them, and I think a couple of other programs will as well, but I'm not sure which ones.

How do you open a locked trunk with the rear seats also locked and key is lost?

Have a new key made, and never, never lose it. Otherwise be prepared to forcibly remove the lock cylinder, this will damage the car.

How do you open a locked briefcase?

you can open a locked briefcase if it has a zipper with a pen i think that kipkay has a video on it on YouTube

What do you do after you set off the stink bomb on big nate island?

Go to the bottom file cabinet and open it. Go down the stairs in the cabinet, turn on the light switch (by your feet) get the bell clapper that hangs near the ceiling.

Why does and Microsoft Word or Excel show the message 'file is in use and locked for editing by another user. Please wait.' when it is in use by you and you are trying to save the file?

You most likelly are using a file at work, located on a shared directory (where many people can access the file). The first person to open the file is the only one who can edit the file; all others can only view the contents of the file. If you need to edit a file that is locked, copy the file to your local computer (hard drive or desktop) and make your changes.

Why is it dangerous to roll open the top drawer of a fully loaded file cabinet that is not secured to the floor?

It's dangerous because the file cabinet to my asumtion would be extremely heavy and it would be pulled obviosly down by gravity because of the unbalance and the motion causing it to fall down unless being sucured.

How to open a dxl file?

How to open a dxl file?

How open bfa file?

how open bfa file