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It does not have a cd/dvd drive

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Q: How do you open the CD drive on acer aspire E1-572P-6884 laptop?
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Which does the trouble belong to? Is it your Acer Aspire 3000 laptop? Or is your laptop Acer Aspire 3000 battery hot? .

Can you run fallout 3 on an acer aspire 5315 laptop?

password for Acer Aspire 5315 laptop computer

How do you open an acer aspire 3620 laptop?

acer aspire 3620 in witch grapihc card

How do you find the operating system for laptop Acer aspire 5735?

The Acer Aspire 5735 model has a Windows Vista operating system. The specifications about the Aspire 5735 can be found on the Acer Support page.

Which key to use for underscore on laptop acer aspire 5517?

Hoew to type underscore in an acer computer

What is the largest laptop monitor?

The largest laptop screen is 20.1 inches and is on the Acer Aspire.

Where can I find reviews and pricing for the Acer Aspire laptop?

The place where you can find reviews and pricing for the Acer Aspire laptop, is by going online and searching up under the Wal-Mart and the EBay website.

Does the Acer Aspire One D150 have a CD drive?


How do you install recovery CD's and system CD on an Acer aspire 9500 laptop?

To install a recovery CD on an Acer Aspire 9500 laptop, simply insert the disk into the CD drive, choose which level of recovery you want to perform and follow the on-screen prompts. The process for install a system CD is similar. Insert the disk into the CD drive and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is acer laptop aspire 5720 series compatible with xp?

should be if you install it.

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Does the Acer Aspire 5315-2142 Laptop Computer have a place for an sd card?

no.. it does not ...