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How do you open the back of a AWW Co Waltham Mass key wind pocket watch to view the serial number if you do not have the key?


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Place the watch face down in the palm of your left hand. Place the palm of your right hand on back of the watch. Push palms together and turn right hand counter-clockwise. Clock back should screw off. I have one watch like that, but this watch has hinges. I can get the first part open, but not the next layer to view the movement. Thanks for trying to help!


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A Waltham pocket watch is a very old and rare watch. They were only made for four years. 1854-1858. To best help you I would suggest you take it to a watch smith and have it looked at.

I just bought a 1925 Waltham Pocket Watch with the word Salem underneath Waltham. I don't know if it is a fake. How much did you pay?

20 to about 200 depending on condition and case

Less then mine 1890 waltham pocket wath . Serialnr 4707827. I paid 125,-eu for only the wath in mint condition

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Waltham pocket watch cost between $130 to $1000 for a working watch some of them go up to $5000. Waltham pocket watches are vintage circa 1870's and a quite rare.

The Waltham pocket watch 17170235 is a model 1900, 16-jewel ladies watch with a hunter (full) case. The watch was manufactured in 1908 and its appraised value ranges from $200-$600, depending on condition and appearance of case. The more ornate cases increase the value. [December 2010]

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Depending on the condition of the watch, an American Waltham pocket watch from 1877 can bring anywhere from 300 dollars to over 2,000. Most watches go for below the 1,000 dollar range.

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You cannot always identify a pocket watch size by it's serial number but you can by measuring it. See this web site for inches to size designation.

Its very hard to tell. If the watch's serial number is 9521774, that makes it a Waltham model 1883, grade 85. This is a middle grade watch and depending on the condition and might be worth fifty to seventy dollars. The watch case adds to the value of the watch. A cheap case, in good condition, might add twenty dollars, a solid gold case much, much, more. Lorne

There was and several made since then by the Waltham watch company

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