How do you operate an iDog?


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-push and hold the nose button to power on and off

-toggle tail to interact with it


-allow the microphone to pick up audio and make the dog dance


-plug in your ipod/mp3 player/most audio devices to the right side next to the rear leg


-batteries stored in the left rear leg

-unscrew the Philips head screw attaching that leg to replace batteries


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Yes you can use your iphone for an idog if you have the cord that came with the idog.

by plugging in a musical device such as an MP3 or CDplayer into your idog and play music, that is 'feeding' your idog.

Yes. plush means Stuffed animal in other terms. And tyhe iDog soft speaker is a stuffed iDog with a speaker.

The idog was invented by a company called SEGA.

You dont load music into an idog. An idog is simply a speaker that your plug your musical device into and it plays that music.

The idog is a speaker and doesnt charge, but take betteries.

yes because i use my shuffle with my idog and it always works

you can't charge an idog sorry there sould be a screw at the hind paw and just unscrew it

unscrew the bottom piece of the idog (underneath the tail) put two batteries into to the main idog . (if you look at the piece you just unscrewed and filp it over you`ll see another batterie entry) screw back piece and press nose to activate idog.

you can buy an idog at costco, walmart and toys R us. I am not sure, but I think you can get them online too.

No. The iDog just reacts to music from an external source. You cannot store music on it.

The blue iDog is approximatly 30-40$ in counting. I know this because I have a blue iDog as well! 30-40$ is a pretty great deal, my blue iDog came with little pink sequin stickers to decorate it. It also came with a white connector cord to connect to your ipod and it can also connect to ipads.

There are a few features on the IDog toy. A source to plug in an MP3 player and listen to music. It also dances to this music and lights up in various LED colors. The IDog also has emotions which can affect the lights.

You don't talk to your iDog. You let it listen to music and its happy. You could, however, talk to it, if you want your friends to think you're crazy.

no, but the dance and ampd' can tap their feet.

At Zellers they are on sale only for 22.98

The idogd is a speaker and is not charged, but it takes batteries.

Throw it in the water, waddaya think?!?!?!!!

Flip the iDog over. Look for the microphone and the reset button under its head. Press on the button once using a paper clip or any similar object to reset it..

hold in the nose button for an few seconds

idogs cannot charge, you need to replace the battery.

hold the nose button for about 2 seconds

Yes. it works for all ipods.

If your idog does not work after a long period of time of you not feeding it music, then it is dead. Replacing batteries will not work. The only way to revive it is to exchange it at the store.

I have an I-dog which hasn't been used in a while. I forget how to work it.

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