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Ignore the bully's actions and just do the required work

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Q: How do you pass a bully professor's class?
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Why do college professors sometimes bully their students?

Maybe they are stressed, you disrupt the class, or they hate teaching and want to take it out on the students

Why are there bully college professors?

Same reason why there are bullies everywhere

How do you pass chapter 1 in bully scholarship edition?

bully everyone you know

How do you pass a bully teacher's class?

Tell the principal/Headteacher, or your parents. They will talk to the principal or the teacher. Don't sit in silence if it's genuine, and not you being an ass.

What does cuantos professors hay en la clase de espanol mean?

Translation: how many professors/ teachers are there in the Spanish class?

Who is george Kirby from the wooing of beppo tate?

George Kirby was thew class bully in the book the wooing of Beppo Tate

What is gym class 3 in Bully?

Gym Class 3 is a wrestling session.

What are the release dates for Drexell's Class - 1991 Bully for Otis 1-11?

Drexell's Class - 1991 Bully for Otis 1-11 was released on: USA: 5 December 1991

How can you not be so nervous that you won't get in a friends class or that a bully will be in your class if you are shy and unsocial and you have many bullies?

try to calm down because in every class you always have a friend or you make a friend plus im shy and unsocial too that's why i was voted quitest in my class but if the bully's in your class they can't do anything to you in class.

In the playstation game 'Bully' if you fail a class is there anyway to re-do it Can you still redeem the prizes for the rest of the lessons?

ok when the class tht u failed comes up go to it and do the class b/c it will not let u continue in tht class unless u pass wat ur on. so say ur doing chemistry 1 if u fail tht class u cant on to chemistry 2 unless u pass 1. and dont worry the thing u unlock is still there when u fail so when u pass tht class u unlock the thing for it!

What class had to pass through Ellis Island?

What class had to pass threw Ellis Island

How do you become class president?

get popular, Don't be a bully, be friendly and stay calm.