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you go to your mom's house that's how you get passed flying school in grand theft auto for San Andreas for the ps2.................................

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You have to do what it says. Fly through stuff.

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you can get cheats online

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Q: How do you pass flying school in gta sa ps2?
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Where is the flying school on gta san Andreas ps2?

in verdant meadow in las venturas

What is the army helicopter cheat on ps2?

You cant you need to pass flying school or find that cheat were you can improve your bike skills your driving skills and your cycling skills and flying skills

Cheat for going in planes without flying school on gta san Andreas on PS2?

press l2 r1 l1 r2 l2 trialgle xxx ooo r2

How can you beat the burn and lap in the driving school at gta sa ps2?

impossible to beat.

When will gta 4 be in ps2?

It will not be released for the PS2

Will there be a new Grand Theft Auto for ps2?

No there will not be. GTA 5 will not come in a PS2 version of the game and GTA 4 is not available for the PS2

Is GTA 4 is in PS2?

No it is not available for th PS2

Kamehameha in GTA SA Dragon Ball ps2?

how to do kamekameha in gta dragon ball gt ps2

What are all the GTAgames?

Grand Thest Auto I - PC, PS1 GTA 2 - PC, PS1 GTA London - PS1, PC GTA III - PC, PS2 GTA Vice City - PC, PS2, Xbox GTA San Andreas - PC, PS2, Xbox GTA Liberty City Stories - PSP, PS2 GTA Vice City Stories - PSP, PS2 GTA Chinatown - Nintendo DS GTA IV - Xbox, PS3 and soon to be on PC. These are all the games in order and console.

Where a pilote school in gta san Andreas ps2?

In the desert west of Las Venturas if I remember correctly :-)

Where is the Andromeda on gta sa on PS2?

When you finsh plane school finsh the game.It will spawn at LS airport

How do you get a flying car in grand theft auto 3 for ps2?

You can't in GTA III. it's only Available in games from Vice City to San Andreas. it isn't Available in GTA IV either