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60. Answer this one honestly.

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70. Using its anus

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Answer-- "NO"

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Q: How do you pass question 60 on the impossible quiz?
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What is the answer for question 120 in the impossible quiz 2?

if it it is :wat question was the long cat in? the answer is the number 60

What is the answer to question 60 on the impossible quiz deluxe for Android?

Turn your device click left choice

Why does the impossible quiz call you a liar on question 60?

This question knows how you did in the last question, so really answer honestly! It can still say they don't tolerate liars...without saying you are one.

What is the hardest online game ever?

The Impossible Quiz, The Impossible Quiz 2, and I think there's a 3rd one. I still cant beat number 60 on number 1! Its hard!

What is the number to 60 on the impossible quiz?

Well if you did 59 without going to another website for help than it is "Yes!" but otherwise, choose "no..."

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Impossible to answer ! The word 'common' in your question - implies comparing something with something.

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As you did not list your starting point this question is impossible to answer.

What is the correct percent for a quiz score of 26 out of 60?


What is 15 points out of 25 for a quiz score?

60% (failing)

How many can you miss with 40 question to pass with 60 percent?

you can miss 40% 40 x .4 = 16

How many questions you must get right to pass a forty question test?

Each question is worth 2.5% so lets say the fail is 60%, you have to get 24 questions right to get a 60%, for an A you have to get 36 questions right.