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How do you pay Professional Tax in ASSAM?

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Professional tex is calcullated every month and deducted at the source of salary every month.

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Assam professional tax rates?

assam professional tax slab

What is cheque name for Professional Tax payment in ASSAM?

Sbi a/c professional tax

Professional tax slab for salary in Assam?


Do professional punters pay income tax?

all people pay income tax.

Vat and sales tax forms and returns of Assam?

The VAT and sales tax forms and returns of Assam are available for download on its official website. Forms are in PDF format.

What is the benefits of employee paying professional tax?

benefit is that,when a person engage in a company as executive or manager he must be count as professional, so employer engage professional so thatswhy, a profession must be pay some tax through employer. in this tax employee benefits some tax as well as employer .

Should I ask my tax professional if they will pay for any errors on my taxes?

Part of the benefit of paying a tax professional is that he or she signs off as the preparer of the tax filing and will stand by the filing if it is questioned. Keep in mind that the tax preparer is only as good as the information you submit.

Is PhD from the assam professional academy ugc recognised?


Is Assam professional academy affiliated to any university recognized by UGC?


If you pay taxes on winning money if you give some away do they also have to pay taxes?

From Who pays the gift tax? The donor is generally responsible for paying the gift tax. Under special arrangements the donee may agree to pay the tax instead. Please visit with your tax professional if you are considering this type of arrangement.

Where do I go if I have some tax trouble?

You have two options. You can find a program online that you can download to help you with your tax problems or you can go to a professional who you would pay to figure it out for you.

Is Professional Tax Applicable in Meghalaya?

Yes. Professional Tax is applicable in Meghalaya.

Will I get a higher refund if I pay a tax professional instead of filing tax returns by myself?

If can confidently prepare your return in an accurate manner, then your refund shoud be the same as if you paid a professional to do it for you. One should consider that a professional charges a fee for this service which will take away from the overall refund.

What is cheque name for Professional Tax payment in maharashtra?

SBI A/c Professional Tax

What is difference between tax free and taxable income?

You don't pay tax on the tax-free pay and you do pay tax on taxable income

What are some professional income tax preparation software?

There are a number of different types of professional income tax preparation software. Some examples of professional income tax software include ATX, Drake Tax Software, and WorldWideWeb Tax.

If I'm retired do i have to pay taxes?

Yes, unless you have an unusual situation. You may want to talk to a local tax professional.

Slab of professional tax India 08-09?

What is the latest slab of professional tax?

Professional tax slab rates of Andhra pradesh?

professional tax slab of Andhra Pradesh

What does L2GTN mean?

I believe it is for the professional priviledge tax for TN. My husband is a CPA, for example, and he had to pay this tax. "L2GTN" is how the expense was categorized on my credit card statement. Hope that helps.

Pay tax on inheritance in Canada?

do you have to pay tax on inheritance

Do pro athletes pay taxes where they live or work?

Both. States have the right to tax their residents on all income. States also have the right to tax income earned in their state (state sourced income). Therefore professional athletes (and entertainers and anyone else who works in various states) has to pay tax to their home state and anywhere they work. Lots of returns to fill out for a professional ball player.

If personal property is deeded to you do you still have to pay income tax on it when it is sold?

As I am not a lawyer, or a legal or tax professional, this answer must be considered subject to error until it is corrected/improved by a professional. To my understanding, IRS regulations require that anytime you sell anything, it should be reported as income [but not as "earned income"] on your tax return. Whether you have to pay any tax on it depends on several factors on which I am unable to discuss intelligently. I suggest that you discuss this with an income tax preparer, or call the IRS for an explanation of how it is handled.

Professional tax applicability in gurgaon-delhi?

Professional tax is not applicable in Delhi. Tax on professions is included in the State List and therefore only the State Governments have the right to tax under this head. There are various which have imposed professional tax. In Delhi too, the MCD had proposed to levy professional tax but the proposition was rejected by the MCD Standing Committee.

You are JTWROS Do you pay tax as a survivor?

I am a survivor on a jtwros account. Do i pay tax if it is under @600.000. Or do i just pay tax on the interest?

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