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How do you perform fatalities in Mortal Kombat armageddon?

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MK: ArmageddonYou actually create your own fatalities.

From the instruction book:

If you've defeated an opponent in Kombat Match, the "Finish Him/Her" prompt appears. As the red bar drains, you have a lmited amount of time to enter a button sequence and create one string of a fatality. The red bar indicates time left to perform the enxt fatality sequence. If you do it right, the timer will reset, allowing you to do another. You can do up to 10 strings of a fatality.

This feature has received mixed reactions from game fans. Some view it as repetitive and boring as all animations are the same for each move, while others love the creation aspect. I'll let you form your own opinion.

You can view a kreate a fatality FAQ here:

2011-09-13 05:50:29
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Q: How do you perform fatalities in Mortal Kombat armageddon?
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Mortal Kombat fatalities is an game play feature in a fighting game series called Mortal Combat. In the fighting the game Mortal Kombat fatalities is a final move used to finish off the opponent. The move displays brutal violence and therefore not suitable for young children's.

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