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i am not for sure that you can do that. But you might .

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Q: How do you pick up 2 toddlers at once on the sims 3?
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Do babies grow up on sims castaway stories?

Yes they grow up from toddlers to children.

Can the toddlers go to the neighborhood with you in sims 3?

yeah, just pick them up and make sure you are still holding them when you click on the park or where ever you want to go. work and stores not included

Do toddlers on sims free play grow up?

No they dont grow up,i dont know if they will update it

Can a sim on sims 2 wear makeup?

Yes, both male and female sims of all ages (besides babies and toddlers). To apply the make-up, click on the mirror and edit sims face.

How do you pick a toddler up on sims 3 ambitions?

All you must do is click on the toddler and choose the option pick up

How do you get your sims to move out and leave the teens behind on sims 3?

it isn't possible as the sims 3 has a strict rule about the care of children that's why you cant take babies and toddlers out without pushchar or car seat. You can now take the toddlers and babies out in the sims 3. and the children can be left alone. Not toddlers or babies though. but i don't think its possible unless u kill the parents. i hate to say that but i think that's the only way.

How long does it take for a toddler to turn into a teenager on sims 3 ambitions for iPod touch?

Kids can only grow up to being toddlers in the version of sims 3 ambitions for the iPod touch. Once they get to that stage, they're stuck there forever! ^-^' Sorry... (I was kinda disappointed about that myself.) Are you sure?

Can you pick up your baby in sims 3 ambition?

If you are meaning like hold them then... YES! Yo uhave to hold the babies when they are hungry or lonely. So basically yes you can pick up your baby on the sims 3 ambitions. :)

How do you make a sims 2 teen run away?

You pick up the phone a search for a house then once bought you click on the path leading away from the house and click go home.

What do you do after you insert a sims card?

The phone should pick up the network your sim is registered on.

How do you get limo on sims 2?

Have your Sims get married (must be adult boy+girl, unless you have teenager cheat) and a limo will come to pick them up for their wedding.

How do you sell the items you pick up when you vacuum in sims 2 ds?

finish hoovering and it will do it automatically!