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welll you need proper mechanics and alot of practice some arm strenthing exercises along with fore arm and grip strength and alot of stamina!

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How do you pitch in fast pitch softball?

Just like slowpitch just faster and with a wind up.

What depends on how fast sound waves vibrate the faster they are the higher it is?

it is the pitch

What is faster a baseball pitch or softball pitch?

In terms of actual speed, a baseball pitch is much faster then a softball pitch. However, a softball pitcher throws from a shorter distance so it often looks just as fast if not faster then a baseball pitcher.

What is the difference between slow pitch batting and fast pitch batting?

its pretty much the same except that the ball is comming at you 10xs faster and you REALLY have to watch the ball It's pretty self-explanatory. In fast-pitch, the ball comes at you faster. In slow-pitch, the ball is coming at you slower.

What is the difference between a slow pitch and a fast pitch in cricket?

a slow pitch is when the pitch is softer and the turf soaks up the force of the ball making it slower and a fast pitch is when the pitch is hard and the ball bounces off like concrete making it go faster

Is it true that how fast a sound source vibrates affects the pitch of the sound?

Yes, it is true that the faster a sound source vibrates the higher the pitch.

How does the pitch of your voice change when you catch a cold or when you sing?

The pitch of your voice depends on how fast your vocal chords vibrate. The faster they vibrate, the higher the pitch. When you sing you use your muscles to force them closer together causing them to vibrate faster. When you are sick, your lymph nodes swell causing them to get closer and vibrate faster producing a higher sound.

What is the comparative of faster?

"Faster" is a comparative of fast. The related superlative is "fastest."

How fast do sound waves vibrate?

They vibrate over a wide range of rates. The faster the vibrations, the higher the pitch of the sound.

How fast should a 14 year girl pitch?

start off slow then gradually go faster for more fun ;)

Is there a women's professional softball league for fast-pitch?

Yes there is a pro fast pitch league. The league is NPF, National Pro Fast pitch.

How fast is really fast?

Faster than fast!

What factor determines the pitch of a sound?

Pitch is determined by sound wave frequency; how fast something is vibrating. High-pitched sounds are higher frequency meaning they are vibrating faster. Low pitch means they are vibrating slower.

What is the comparative form for the word fast?

The comparative form of the word 'fast' is 'faster'.

How fast can Yoshi go?

Faster than Mario. Faster than Luigi. Faster than Peach. Faster than Daisy. But not as fast as Sonic.

How do you pitch fast pitch faster in baseball?

There is a new baselayer out which increase velocity for pitching, batting and running Its by a company called asus you can find them at I bought one and it works for me . good luck

What is the difference between softball and fast pitch?

there are many types of ways to play softball. there is slow pitch and fast pitch. tee ball and coach pitch but fast pitch is where they go in a hole wind up and pitch the ball to the hitter.

How fast do girls pitch in softball fast pitch?

Usually about 60-75 mph.

How fast can a mermiad swim?

Fast as a dolphin or faster

Can a helicopter fly as fast as a plane?

A fast aeroplane will be faster than any helicopter, but a fast helicopter can be faster than a slow aeroplane.

How does the pitch change in maracas?

The faster you shake them, the louder the pitch will get.

Will a fast pitch be hit further than a slow pitch?

A fast pitch has the potential to be hit further than a slow pitch. Presuming the bat speed and squareness of contact are identical in hitting a fast pitch and slow pitch, the fast pitch will be hit further because in a nearly elastic collision more momentum will be returned from the fast pitch than the slow one resulting in a longer hit. In general a fast pitch is more difficult to hit than a slow one though which means the odds of making perfect contact are far lower.

What is the comparative and superlative for fast?

faster, fastestfaster, fastest

Does a computer with a fast processor work faster in general and download stuff faster?

A computer with a fast processor will work faster, but will not have a noticeable effect on your download speeds.

Is a tiger fast or slow?

A tiger is fast, but a cheetah is faster.

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