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How can i play mp4 DVD's on my toshiba DVD player?

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Q: How do you play a DVD on your Toshiba satellite laptop?
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How do I Reset Toshiba Satellite A55 laptop to the day of purchase?

The laptop should have come with a DVD, labeled as the "Toshiba Recovery Disc." Place this disc in your DVD drive and restart your computer. OR IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE DISK/S just go to for all your recovery needs from many different brands including the toshiba one :-)

What is the fix for a Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista that will not recognize its DVD drive?

My sister has a Toshiba laptop and I have try ed to play DVDs on it but if wont recognize any DVD. at all! It is not only you that is having trouble with this! The people at the electronic store said it did not come with a DVD. player in it!:( But it will play Cd's!

Has the Toshiba satellite got a CD port?

The Toshiba Satellite Pro I'm using to write this answer - has a built-in DVD multi-drive (CD/DVD rewriter)

Does DVD Super Multi Optical Drive read and burn cds?

From toshiba's website on a Satellite laptop specs: DVD-SuperMulti drive (+/-R double layer) supporting up to 11 fomats

Is the Toshiba mini notebook nb200 laptop have a DVD player on it?

No. The DVD Player are sold seperately

Free drivers for toshiba satellite L300?

quemador de dvd

What are some of the features on a Toshiba HD DVD player?

The features on a Toshiba HD DVD player include the ability to play DVD's and CDR's. This Toshiba player also has the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward.

What formats does the Toshiba DVD player support?

I have a three year old toshiba dvd player what format does this take because it will not play in avi format

How do i start the CD drive for the Toshiba satellite laptop?

For the Toshiba Protege R705 you press the FN (function) key and hit the TAB key. You then get the optical drive mini menu. Keep hitting the TAB key until you get what you want: ON, Eject, OFF.

On my Toshiba satellite c55-b5299 where is the eject button?

It does not have a CD/DVD drive so there is no need for an eject button.

What formates can the Toshiba SD-P91S 9 in. Portable DVD Player play?

It can play DVD +- r, +-RW and all cds.

How do you unlock a Toshiba laptop password?

The best way to unlock or reset your password would be to use the Windows Setup DVD that should have come with your laptop. If you didn't buy the computer brand new, you need to contact the person you bought it from to get the password so that you can login and change it to something you will remember. If you did buy it brand new, but don't have the Setup DVD, contact Toshiba. They can verify that it's your registered laptop and help you with resetting your password.