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This site contains popular WOW Death Knight Builds and other resources on how to play a Death Knight. As you all know, Wrath of the Litch King(WotLK) expansion for World of Warcraft(WOW) and the new Death Knight class is now active. This class is a damage dealer / tank hybrid. The Death Knight class starts at level 55 and they unlockable if you have level 55+ character on that realm. You can only have one Death Knight per server. WOW Death Knights do not have shields but do have good avoidance and powerful anti magic protection that have them being used as the main tanks against magic attack based bosses in raids. Don't think that because they are not able to use a shield that they will not make effective tanks as they do make good tanks if geared, spec'd and played correctly. WOW Death Knights can dual wield or use 2-handed weapons. They use a unique rune system for their special skills so playing a Death Knight you will find you will be commonly be using combo rotations to maximize damage and agro. Also death knights gain runic power when using spells that use runs and this runic power can be used to cast spells such as death coil or Frost Strike. Death Knight talents are split into 3 different trees: Blood: Talents in this tree focus on weapons, armor, healing, and strikes. A great tree to use initialy for leveling because of healing/damage. Frost: Talents in this tree focus on armor, control, counters, and combos. Considered to be one of stongest trees for tanking but all trees can be used to tank. Unholy: Talents in this tree focus on spells, summons, diseases, and AOE. One of the highest damage dealing trees and allows for a perma-ghoul pet. more news , pls go to

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Q: How do you play a death knight of World of Warcraft?
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