How do you play fishing in eyepet?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: How do you play fishing in eyepet?
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Do you need to have psn to play eyepet?


Can i play eyepet offline on playstation 3?

yes you can

How do you teach your eyepet to draw?

IDK, but I've heard U have to play with Ur eyepet for 10 days, but not in a row if U dont want to.

When was EyePet created?

EyePet was created on 2009-10-23.

Can you play eyepet or invizimals on psp go?

not unless you buy the weird looking camera from Japan

When is Playstation eyepet coming out?

It's been out so long that the next EyePet game is already out

What is the EyePet like?

It looks cool at the start, but as you keep on going, it's quite boring, you just play with your pet.

How do you play bowling on the eyepet?

all you do is press start,go to magic toys and then go to bowling set YOURWELCOME!!!

How do you kill an eyepet?

It is not possible to kill an Eyepet. That would be just plain cruel. Besides, the game is not like that.

Is eyepet avalible on Wii?


Can the Eyepet get ill?

No, it cannot.

Can you kill an eyepet on the ps3?

No, you cannot kill an Eyepet. The game is not like that. Besides, that would be just plain cruel.