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You play it like a piano. It's just the keys which are thinner and you can make different sounds on the piano. It is not heaps different.

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Can you play iracing with keyboard?

No can not play Iracing with a keyboard. You can play with a wheel, gamepad, or joy stick

How do you play unfaithful on keyboard?

You get the notes and you play the keyboard by putting your fingers on the keys.

How do you play Skyrim theme song on keyboard?

how to play skyrim maintheme on keyboard

What are the notes on keyboard to play Frosty the Snowman?

What are the notes to play frosty the snowman on the keyboard

How did the keyboard cat play the keyboard?

Keyboard cat did not exactly play the keyboard. The cat's owner put his hands under the cat's shirt and moved its paws to hit the keys.

How do you learn a dog to play the keyboard?

Put treats on the keys and your dog will play the keyboard lol have fun lollololol dont have the keyboard on loud

How do you play rudoplh the red nosed reindeer on the keyboard?

I play Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer pretty well on the keyboard... but then again, I've had a lot of practice. How do you play it on the keyboard??

How do you play Mickey Mouse on keyboard?

how to make '1D' with the keyboard

If you can play piano can you play the keyboard?

The simple answer is "yes." That is, if by "the keyboard" you mean a synthesizer of almost any sort, a.k.a "keys". A Piano has more keys that a keyboard. I find a keyboard is easyer to learn. But yes if you can play a piano then you can play a Keyboard, Just remember a keyboard misses: A B C D E F G. So the piano will sound different.

What is an easy song to play on the keyboard?

the easy song to play on keyboard is twinkle twinkle little star

When you play a midi keyboard does the sound play out of the keyboard or the computer's speakers?

the computers spekers hop helps

How do you play the climb by Miley Cyrus on the keyboard?

by using the keyboard and your fingers :)

How do you play Tracy beaker theme on a keyboard?

By using the mOuse and the keyboard

Where can you play a keyboard?

at home

Is it easy to play the keyboard?


How do you play a anbil avan song in keyboard?

If I get notes for that song in western and then I ll play in my piano or keyboard k...

Can you plug in a mouse and a keyboard into PlayStation 3 and play?

Logitech makes a PS3 keyboard that is more for web browsing and other keyboard type inputs than game play. You need a keyboard designed for the PS3

How do you play Wallace and gromit on the keyboard?

Look to the related link below to a video tutorial on how to play "Wallace & Gromit" on the keyboard .

Can you play playstation 3 with a keyboard?

There are PS3 activities where you can use a keyboard but you can not use one to play games instead of a controller

Can you play Samba on a keyboard?

Only if u know how to play Samba on the keyboard, you would need to practice for a long time!

Keyboard for mayday parade?

Derek sanders play the keyboard for mayday parade!

What kind of instruments does Tegan and Sara play?

tegan and sara both play gituar, keyboard and sing. the guys in the band play drumms, guitar and keyboard.

How do you play Skyfall on keyboard?

i have no clue

What songs can you play on the keyboard?

Any song you like to play

Did Jean Martyn play the Organ or the Keyboard on Britain's Got Talent?

She played the keyboard.

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