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It all depends on how many littlest pet shops you have so if you have 2 dogs that arer girls they could be best friends and if you have littlest pet shops house then they could like there ....and there could be a mom a dad ,brothers, sisters and if there is another family then some of your people can be best friends with the other family.

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Q: How do you play littlest pet shop doll toys?
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What is the target audience for littlest pet shop?

The target audience for Littlest Pet Shop are young children. These children play with these Littlest Pet Shop toys.

How much are the littlest pet shop toys?

In pounds if you get the single littlest pet shop its £2.99 and if you want the go pack its £7.49 and the littlest play sets are about £14.00 or £12.00

Can littlest pet shop talk?


What services does the Littlest Pets Shop provide?

Littlest Pets Shop is not an actual store, it is a game and series of toys produced by Hasbro. The toys are very small animals, and playsets can be purchased for playing with your pets.

What are littlest pet shop toys?

They are a collection of different plastic animals. They have little magnets on the bottom, and they usually come in these little houses that you can play with them in.

How do you make a littlest pet shop two story house?

Because everything that you buy in the toys stuff is really small and hence the term "Littlest Pet Shop".

Littlest pet shop penguin?

Well, all you have to do is go onto littlest pet and look at the toys, or are you talking about the game?

Does toys r us have littlest pet shop mystery packs?

yes i think they do

Where do they sell littlest pet shop pets?

toys r us, target,and walmart

What are littlest pet shop toys made of?

Emily Moreno made it, and they are made out of plastic.

Is littlest pet shop toys available in Cebu Philippines answers needed?

You can buy at sm

Can littlest pet shop toys get wet?

The paint, colours, and patterns will fade/wash off