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Men and women who have Diabetes can be affected by low sex drive as well. Also certain medications such as SSRI's (for depression) and some heart medications can leave people with a low sex drive.

Back problems, work worries, menopause in both men and women (oh yes, men do have a menopause and can become lethargic, moody and worry about aging.) It use to be called "mid-life crisis" before.

Talk it over with your spouse. Be very careful how you approach this. See if he/she will go into the doctors to discuss this. Many couples have sexual problems and be sure you make this clear to your partner. Communication is the key and try to have patience. I highly think it's anything to do with you personally.

This depends on his age. If he's under 35, he probably has an underlying emotional issue which he won't talk about. This is squashing his enthusiasm. It could be anything: job worries, money problems, marriage issues (sorry), spiritual issues. If he's over 35, you can add another thing to the list: age. When men get older, they sometimes lose their sex drive. This can occur from a very young age, but most times, it strikes men over 35. It's usually not a permanent thing, kinda like a male menopause, except it doesn't strike every man. Certainly, it would be a good idea to get whatever it is out into the open.

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Q: How do you please your husband when he acts like it doesn't matter one way or another if we have sex or not?
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