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How do you position yourself in a speedo?

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*Because "Speedo" and other similar swimwear can be very tight and constricting, the major factor is comfort. Depending on the stretch, ill-fitting swimwear can cause pain or even minor injury. ANSWERS : * I do is put it on, then I put a drag suit over it until my race begins. * Very carefully. * To attract girls, wear it even if your race hasn't started. (You will look bigger and sexier, but this depends on what size speedo you wear.)

2009-07-30 22:40:59
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How do you make yourself blush?

Think of something really imbarassing or imagine everyone guy in a speedo

What is the slogan for Australian Speedo?

Originally, "speed on in your speedo."

What is authors position?

The opinion of yourself

Where is the fuse for the odometer in a 2002 Pontiac Montana?

If the speedo works and not the odometer, take it to the speedo shop as something is wrong in the speedo itself. You can't stop the odometer without stopping the speedo.

I want to get a speedo but I dont know how to ask my parents or why I want one then what should I do I am not on a swim team not gay dont have a car or money and dont swim laps?

Just simply ask your parents for some speedo swimming trunks or buy them yourself

What kind of listening involves imagining yourself in the other person's position?

Empathetic listening involves imagining yourself in the other person's position.

How do you fixed an odometer that does not turn on a 1995 Nissan Altima?

If the speedo il ok but the odometer doesn't work, take it to a speedo shop as the problem is in the speedo.

Where can one find information on Speedo Wrestling?

Speedo wrestling does not appear to be a popular sport. Information about Speedo wrestling can be found on the websites TightSuits and WrestleCameron.

How do you change a peugeot 106 speedo cable?

changing speedo cable pergeot 106

How much does it cost for a new speedo head?

I don't think speedo make heads

Fujisaki Nagihiko wearing speedo?

Yes. He wearing black speedo in Shugo Chara.

What made it's debut at the Los angeles Olympic games?

Speedo BrandSpeedo

Does Speedo sell a special Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps suit model?

No, Speedo does not sell a special model for Spitz or Phelps, but Phelps does wear Speedo brand.

What would cause a speedo needle to drop to zero and back on a fiesta mk6?

i dont know if the fiesta mk6 speedo is electric or mechanical, but if were mechanical, it would either be a bad speedo cable, a bad speedo, or a bad gearbox. if it were electrical, i would think that again it could be the speedo, or it could be the wiring, the sensor, or a computer if there is one

How do you repair the speedometer on a 1991 Mustang?

It is an electric speedo so it can be the speed sensor or in the speedo itself.

Speedo cable replacement 95 ef falcon?

they don't have speedo "cables". their all electric.

Where in Minneapolis can you purchase womens plus size Speedo swimsuits?

Where in Minneapolis can you purchase Speedo swimsuits?

Is it ok to wear speedos?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to wear speedo. In the United States, most men will wear swim trunks or board shorts but speedos are also seen. If you like speedos there is nothing stopping you but yourself. (Word of advice, never wear a white speedo. See through!)

Where does 1975 sportster speedo cable go?

you should have a speedo gear on the front axle. it screws into that gear, goes though the bracket on the fender and up to the back of the speedo. hope that helps

Can you still drive your Renault scenic without speedo cluster disconnected?

Yes if speedo is NOT DISCONNECTED it must be connected as normal so no problems If you meant can you still drive with speedo disconnected then no

What you consider are your main achievements to date and why consider yourself to be a suitable applicant to this position security?

please list what you consider are main achievements to date and why you consider yourself to be a suitable applicant for this position

What could the problem be if the speedometer works but the odometer does not?

The problem is inside the speedo and has to go to a speedo shop to be repaired.

Why would a Honda Prelude stop keeping miles?

The speedo or the speedo cable might be broken and, or be dissconncted.

How do you disconnect the speedo on a transit van?

i would tell you but its agenst the law so then how do you re-connect the speedo

Where is speedo sensor on Renault kangoo?

where is the speedo sensor on a renault kangoo 2001