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There are three important dates when dealing with dividends. When the Board of Directors "declares" the dividend, the business has a legal obligation to pay the dividend to the shareholders. The posting on this date is Dr. Dividends Cr. Dividends Payable - to record dividend declared by the Board of Directors The next date is the "record" date. This determines who gets the dividends. Those that own the shares on the record date will receive the dividend. No posting is required on the record date. The final date is the "payment" date. This is the date the business writes the cheques to the holders of the shares on the record date. Dr. Dividends Payable Cr. Cash - to record payment of the dividend When the Board of Directors announces the dividend, it will state the record date and payment date.

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To post dividends, a company must follow certain steps. First, the board of directors must declare the dividend, specifying the amount and the date of record. Next, the company must update its financial records to reflect the distribution of dividends. Lastly, the company must issue dividend payments to its shareholders either via checks or electronically, depending on the preferred method of payment.

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Q: How do you post dividends?
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