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1 year is sufficient time to prepare for IITs. Dictating the number of hours without knowing your level of Preparations is very difficult. Typically top 100 rankers have been found to study 16 hours a day.

Focusingon your fundamentals is the key and you have to clear all the fundamentals and decide how much time you need to do that.

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The Portions of IITJEE are generally based on CBSE Class 11 and Class 12 Syllabus but you must join some good coaching Institute like FIITJEE, Bansal Classes, Brilliant Tutorials, Aakash IITJEE etc.. to boost your chances of getting into IIT.Then after completing your class 12 you have to write the IITJEE Exam and clear it. Then you will be able to get admission in IIT.

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At the start, no you best not see fit yourself

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Q: How do you prepare for IIT or BITS?
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Is IIT and bits government recognised?

Yes, they are.

Can we join BITS Pilani or IIT or NIT after Diploma in EEE. Wat Entrance exams r to be done?

Yes, you can enroll for BITS Pilani or IIT or NIT after Diploma in EEE.

Is it better to choose IIT Delhi textile engineering or IIT Roorkee civil engineering or BITS Pilani Civil engineering?

iit roorke civil engg is better

Best colleges in India for masters in engnieering?

1. IIT B/IISc 2. IIT K 3. IIT M 4. IIT Kgp/Roorkee 5. IITG 6. IIT BHU 7. ISM/BITS Pilani

How long should you prepare for IIT examination?

You can prepare for IITJEE Exam when in Class 11 and 12.

How do you prepare for IIT-JEE in one month?

Study, Study and Study.

How do you guess in iit jee?

better no guessing in iit-jee exams. prepare well and write, you will have chances of clearing it.

Who is better bits pilani mechanical branch or new iit rajasthan mechanical branch for future prospects?

Definitely BITS Pilani. BITS Pilani is ranked above the existing IITs every year, and comparing it with a new campus-less IIT would be blasphemy.For more information, look here:

How do you prepare for iit 2010?

Go through basic concepts . take guidance from experienced teachers

How do you prepare for IIT by lateral entry?

You need to be very focused if u want to get it by later entdry. you need to maintain a balance between the studies both of college n IIT

Which is better choice electrical engineering at pilani or biotech at iit roorkee?

Definitely EE at BITS Pilani. Firstly, EE is a better branch than Biotech in terms of placements and future job opportunities/growth. Secondly, BITS has always been ranked better than IIT-Roorkee.

You want a site where you can prepare for IIT Ramaiah entrance exam?

Yeah.. I sure want it You got any idea?