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You can only file a criminal complaint if you actually suffer damages. Talk to your local police station.

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Q: How do you press charges on someone who has used your credit card fraudulently?
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If you press charges on someone and then drop the charges and the case is closed can they reopen the case so you can press charges again?

yes you can

What happens if someone post his crEdit card on you tube and you use it?

If they found out and decide to press charges? Its fraud and theft you go to jail

Can you press charges on someone that is in jail?


Can you press charges for someone else?

A person cannot press charges for someone else, only the victim of the crime can. A person can report the criminal conduct for investigation.

Do you need legal representation if you used someone else's credit card?

If you used someone's credit card without permission then they could press charges against you, in which case you would need legal representation. If they let you use the card, then no.

Can you press charges for someone steeling an iPod?

Yes, press charges for stealing a pet ant i think ask a police officer

What do you do when someone starts a fight and wants to press charges?

they cant press charges because threy started the fight but there fighting they cant do anything

How can someone press assault charges?

One can press assault charges for just about anything that occurs to them that they deem "assault". The ability to prove these charges correct or false is most important.

Can you press charges on someone if i don't know where they live?


How long does someone have to press criminal charges against someone for forgery?

Five Years

Can you press charges on someone who has already pressed charges on you?

If someone has committed a crime against you, then charges can be pressed against them, even if you had previously been charged with committing a crime against them.

How do you drop charges and a order of protection?

You don't, only a prosecutor can "press" or "drop" charges against someone.

Can a person press charges for fighting?

It depends on the fight. If someone got hurt to an extent the victim could press charges. Yes they can the person who pops it off (first to punch) can get lock up can press charges on a lot of stuff

Can you press criminal charges if you did not choose to at the scene Texas?

A citizen may file a COMPLAINT, which will be investigated by law enforcement. Individual citizens cannot "press charges." Only the prosecutor can file charges against someone.

Does someone have to press charges for simple assault in WY?

Yes - they are not automatically instated unless the assaulted person initiates the charges.

What happens if someone presses assault and battery charges on a marine?

Individuals do NOT "press" charges. Only the state prosecutor can press charges. The most a citizen can can do is REPORT the offense to law enforcement and then let the law take its course.

Can someone press charges on you for making a prank call if you are a minor in California?


Can you press charges on someone who knows your email password and saw your emails?


Can you press charges against someone for threateing your life in an emailtext?

i have the same problem...

Can someone press charges on me if I have proved I don't have their belongings?

Public individuals cannot make or press charges. They can report criminal activity to the police. The police and prosecuting attorney will make the decision about whether or not to press charges. The location of belongings for use as a defense would depend on what, if any, charges are filed.

Can someone press charges on you if you hit them only after they hit you first in your own home?

yes they can. you can in turn press charges on them as well, take it to court and state your claim, and hope you get a good judge. but more then likely, the other person will bow out if they know you are going to press charges, and they were in the wrong.

Where do you go to press charges?

To press criminal charges against someone, go to the police station that is closest to where the criminal act occurred. This question is filed under "civil" cases. Charges are not "pressed" in civil matters.

Can you press charges against someone who attended a party at your house?

If they violated the law, absolutely!

How do you have to press charges against someone for assault?

Report the assault to law enforcement, they will take it from there.

Can you press charges on someone for choking you in a fight?

A; SURE but only if there are witnesses and hard evidence

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