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There are various ways of preventing community health problems. Some of the basic ways include hygiene and proper sanitation as well as getting immunization vaccines frequently among others.

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Q: How do you prevent community health problems?
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Give solution to solve one community health problems?

Serious health problems within a community often benefit the most from education. Taking the time to provide accurate information and informing the community on the different ways to prevent health problems is often the best solution.

What are the short reflection about the major community health problems?

reflection about the major community health problems

Community health problems in Long Beach ny?

There are many community health problems in Long Beach, CA. The main health problems that some people have include HIV or AIDS and Hepatitis C.

What are the health problems in the community?

Aids and herpes

Role as a member of the community in the solution of common health problems?


Your role as a member of community in the solution of common health problems?


What are the importance of solving environmental health problems for a healthy community?

If not solved, the healthy community will not remain healthy.

How do you prevent health problems with mobile communications?

Hi my names john

What health professionals try to prevent problems from happening or from reoccurring?


How do you prevent the urge of urinating?

You shouldn't, as it can lead to health problems eventually.

What Factors influence the mental health of individuals that leads them to mental health problems in the community?

Stress and biological predisposition.

What is a community diagnosis?

Community diagnosis is a comprehensive assessment of health status of the community in relation to its social, physical and biological environment. The purpose of community diagnosis is to define existing problems, determine available resources and set priorities for planning, implementing and evaluating health action, by and for the community.