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Try dog rocks, you can buy them at P&H, they definitely work.

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Q: How do you prevent grass from dying where dogs urinate?
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Can you put distilled vinegar in your dogs water to prevent spot burning your lawn?

No. Some female dogs frequently urinate in the same spot all the time. Vinegar will not keep her urine from killing a spot in the grass.

How can you prevent urine from killing grass?

You cant. Only female dogs do it and there is no way to prevent it.

Do prairie dogs urinate?

Yes, all dogs urinate.

What is the command given to police dogs to urinate?


How do dogs urinate multiple times on a single walk?

Dogs sometimes have urges to urinate where other dogs's nothing unusual

Why do dogs urinate in their beds?

dogs urinate to mark their territory, so your dog is probably letting other dogs know that the bed belongs to him.

Do all dogs kill grass when they urinate on it?

Unfortunately, yes. Both male and female dog urine kills grass. It is the acid in the urine that is the culprit. Since changing their diet does not help, about the only thing you can do is to immediately dilute the urine with water (a bit tedious) or have your dog urinate elsewhere.

How often do small dogs urinate?

Dogs should urinate every 8 to 10 hours at 20 ml per pound.

Is it bad for dogs to not urinate?


Why do dogs urinate on their food and drinking water?

they don't urinate on their food or drinking water

Why do dogs at grass?

Dogs eat grass to help them digest.

How do you prevent dogs from urinating on your lawn?

* Train your dogs to urinate elsewhere (e.g concrete, on walks...) * Ask the vets if they have anything * Go to a pet store to see if they is anything you can spray on the lawn which smells horrible so the dogs dont go on there

Do female dogs raise their leg to urinate?


Why dogs urinate on the roads?

to mark their territory

How do dogs excrete?

Dogs urinate, defecate and respire, these are all forms of excretion.

Why does dogs eat grass?

Dogs eat grass usually when they have an upset tummy.

Why does male dogs urinate blood?

i dont think dogs or any animal, is supposed to do that!

When male dogs urinate on a bush what do they leave behind that can be read by other dogs?

Their scent.

Can dogs eat grass?

dogs can eat grass to help them digest the food. But too much grass can hurt their stomachs.

Why do dogs scrape the ground after they urinate?

To spread their scent about.

Do animals urinate?

You should know that dogs and cats do.

Do dogs urinate from their anus?

No, they have a similar system to humans.

Why do dogs urinate?

Their bladder tells them "it's time"

Do female and male dogs urinate the same way?


Can you build a place dogs like to urinate in?

Yes you can, such as a cat has a litterbox. Only you'll have to train it to urinate in that place.